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Cardio & Bodyweight Blast

absWith spring here and summer approaching, I try to move some of my workouts away from the gym so that I can take advantage of the warmer weather. One of my favorite ways to change the pace is to find a track and get in some necessary cardio work. Here is a workout that I often use consisting of sprints and bodyweight exercises that will meet cardio and muscle-building needs. This is also great for when you are short on time and need to get in a quick workout. Good luck!


Getting Stronger with Rest Pause!

RopesI've always kept my workouts very intense and over the 16 plus years of lifting I've figured out a few tricks to get the most gains and maximize my efforts. I really want to emphasize the REST PAUSE technique on Set 3. This is an old technique that I don't think gets as much attention as the drop set when it comes to adding more intensity to your workouts. This technique has really helped me make some serious strength gains recently and if it's done right I'm sure will help you, too. Here we go.



Tim RobertsThe following program can take you from HIIT beginner to HIIT stud in eight short weeks.  It starts with a work:rest ratio of 1:4 in Phase 1 for a total workout time of just under 15 minutes. Phase 2 bumps up the amount of time in the "work" phase, bringing the ratio up to 1:2 and the total workout time to 17 minutes.  In Phase 3, the rest ratio is cut in half, bringing the ratio up to 1:1. The total workout time increases to 18.5 minutes.  Finally, in Phase 4, the rest ratio is cut in half again, raising the ratio to 2:1 and the total time at 20 minutes. This will put you in the advanced ranks for HIIT.


Anatomy of a Workout Part 3

Anatomy of a Workout Part 3 JPEGThis is the final article of this series demonstrating a complete training phase and the methodology behind it. The three workouts, Anatomy of a Workout Parts 1-3, work synergistically together. I typically will run a phase for 3-4 weeks before moving on to a new phase. This is typically enough time, especially for a well-trained individual, to yield benefits without hitting a plateau. This type of training program should only be implemented if one has a lot of training experience and is looking for new, effective ways to challenge their physique.


What makes you relevant in the fitness industry?

jake phippen2As an IFBB Pro and coach, I ask future competitors, "Why do you want to compete?" I get numerous different answers but the most common answer is, "I want to be a Pro and get all those sponsors!" This response makes me laugh a bit. Although they are great goals and keep athletes driving to accomplish them, it's always disheartening to let the cat out of the bag and inform them it's not that cut and dry or realistic to believe if you compete you’ll automatically turn Pro and get sponsored.


Biggest IFBB MP PRO Turnout Ever! Europa & Grand Prix Results

europa-and-grand-prix-2014What a huge weekend for Men’s Physique!  This past weekend the most ever MP Pro’s took the stage on the same day.  With pro shows on both coasts and fully stocked stages at each, 70+ IFBB MP Pros in total put on the shorts in hopes of earning their way into to the 2014 Olympia.  The stages and stands were packed to the gills.  When the dust settled, familiar names in the industry Jason Poston and Tyler Anderson took the titles at the Europa Show of Champions and the Grand Prix LA.  Additionally at the Grand Prix they held a 40+ Pro division.  Willie Spencer took that win.  Following are the results for the Europa and Grand Prix.


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