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2014 Men’s Physique Olympia Pre-Show Report & Predictions

2014comparisonEighteen of the top IFBB MP Pros are poised and ready to hit the stage this weekend in Vegas. There has been a lot of talk about who’s going to come out on top and walk away with the 2014 title. So who's it going to be?  I have put together a complete breakdown of the competitors so you will know what to expect from each of these men as they take the stage in hopes of doing just that and making their mark in the Men’s Physique history book.


“Life Happens” Upper Body Workout

883C3590Don’t have the time to get your regular workout in? Try this!

Occasionally things can pop up that prevent you from being able to make it to the gym as often as you would like. When that happens, you have to adjust your workouts to fit in what body parts you need with the time that you have. Normally, I am able to get in one body part a day, but when that is not feasible, here is a routine that can help you knockout multiple body parts in one session. This is a great alternate workout that can help you hit your upper body quickly.


E.I.C. Ian Lauer shares a Pec Pulverizer

intensityIt’s chest day again.  You have to love it!  Like many of you, I’m on a mission to bring up the upper chest.  A solid upper chest improves the look of the entire upper body dramatically.  The following workout will have your pecs screaming and prime the pump to stack on slabs of pectoral meat!  (The weights mentioned are simply for reference.  You should of course use weights that correspond to your personal level of strength.)


V Taper Tips for Your Trimmer Waistline!

taperIf you’re a physique competitor or aspiring competitor, you know that the ideal physique is one with proper proportions. Most important is getting a small waist, wide lats, and round shoulders. This gives the ever sought after “V” taper that we all strive to get.


Supplements You Should Be Taking Based On Your Age

supplements4Most of you who are reading this article are probably already taking certain nutritional supplements which are popular among bodybuilding folk, such as conjugated linoleic acid, glutamine, fish oil, whey protein, and glutamine. However, there are basic nutritional demands in everyone which competitors might not be addressing in their daily regimens. In addition, those demands change as we age, as do the supplements which confer optimal health. In an effort to address those demands, I have compiled a list of supplements which you should consider adding to your regimen.


North American Championships Men's Physique Report, Results & Stage Pics

northamericanslide2014Right on the heels of the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters show this past weekend was the longtime running and very popular North American Championships. The North Americans is one of the last chances each year for NPC competitors to earn their IFBB Pro card. This is of course a main driving factor causing competitors to flock to Pittsburgh for this particular show. Additionally, show promoter Gary Udit always puts on a great show that leaves the majority of competitors walking away from the stage satisfied with their experience. To top it off, Pittsburgh is a town full of character that is a lot of fun to visit. When you mix all of these factors together you can quickly see why the North American Championships are growing in attendance year after year.


IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters Show Report, Results and Stage Pics

2014ifbbpittsburggmastersproThis past Thursday marked the first ever IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters show. All divisions were represented at this particular contest despite a $200.00 fee charged for entry to the competitors. An entry fee for Pro’s is atypical for IFBB Pro contests which is most likely the reason that the MP Pro turnout was smaller than usual. It is our understanding that this entry fee is just part of getting the ball rolling as interest in the Masters division continues to grow nationwide. The Masters Pro show was run on Thursday just prior to and at the same venue as the North Americans which of course has been around for years and scheduled for the prime days of Friday and Saturday.


Workout on the Road or at Home. Bodyweight Only Routine

DuaneBrickhouseBackMany people have time commitments that supposedly prevent them from being able to workout.  In reality these are EXCUSES! However, not being able to physically make it a gym or a lack of access to equipment seems more plausible as a real excuse. But in actuality it is not a true reason to give up on breaking a sweat and getting in a good workout.   Here is a top notch workout that doesn’t require you to leave the house or have any weights.


Cardio Games? Maintain Your Interest With These Approaches!

RopesHave you been on the rat wheel for so long you just simply dread cardio? Hopefully you are using cardio to supplement your strength training, but it is still important to keep your heart and lungs in condition no matter what your goal.

As I start prepping for photo shoots, I have to up my cardio once again and am in the same boat as you.


IFBB Dallas Pro Men's Physique Results

dallasPro2014A total of 18 IFBB Men’s Physique Pro’s took to the stage in Dallas this weekend. A broad mix of veterans and new faces across the division made the trip to the Lonestar stage hoping to walk away with the win. In the end, taking home the first place and automatic Olympia qualification was longtime MP competitor Steve Cook. Also finishing in the top 5 was the first ever MP Pro Matt Christianer.  Following are the final standings for the MP division in this hard fought battle.


Eric Broser’s P/RR/S (Power/Rep Range/Shock) Training Part 3

scott4In this final article on my variation of Eric Broser’s P/RR/S system I will outline a third way that I structured a complete phase of training utilizing the P/RR/S principles as well as an additional way you can use these principles for ‘specialization training’.

For this P/RR/S phase I paired the muscle groups as such: Legs/Delts, Back/Tris, Chest/Bis. There were several reasons I liked these pairings. One benefit was pairing a larger w/ a smaller muscle group which helped keep the overall systemic stress a bit lower since the degree of overall muscle mass was moderated on a per workout basis.


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