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Mens Physique Articles

Peach Protein Frittata Recipe

peachdishI absolutely love this dish and would eat it every day!!
Try it out and let me know what you think!

For this recipe I used a pea protein instead of the traditional whey you see more commonly.

Peas have no major allergens and are great for post-workout nutrition for athletes who may have difficulty supplementing with other types of protein.


When In Doubt… Write It Out!

JayHallStageFood…the final frontier.

There I was, in line at the grocery store while sporting the usual sweaty tank top after a workout. As the cashier rings me up she says, “I’ve been trying to lose weight and I eat pretty clean and balanced, am I doing something wrong?” I replied, “Well how much are you eating in a day total?” After a long pause, she answered, “I don’t know.” Then I probably said something witty, smiled, put on my sunglasses like Horatio from CSI and walked away in slow motion.


No Gym? No excuse!

DuaneBrickhouseBackMany people have time commitments (better known as excuses) that prevent them from being able to work out.  However, not being able to physically make it to a gym or a lack of access to equipment is not a true reason to not break a sweat and get a good workout in.

Here is a great workout that doesn’t require you to leave the house or have any weights.


Misconceptions About The Men’s Physique Division

north americans front comparison class cThe Men’s Physique Division has stirred up tremendous interest and a decent amount of controversy within the IFBB and NPC, with a plethora of fans as well as a camp of haters. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the inception of this division was the door of opportunity which opened for men who were interested in competing on a bodybuilding stage but who did not want to sign up for the rigors of a competitive bodybuilder’s regimen.   As expected, the floodgates opened and the Men’s Physique Division became wildly popular, not just among competitors within the division, but also among its ever-growing fan base worldwide. Sadly, there have been naysayers who have popped up with scathing criticism of the division which echoes the main misconceptions about the division.


Measuring Your Fitness Level

scaleOver the years I have been asked numerous times to provide insight into how a person can determine their level of physical fitness. In many ways, I think this question originates from people that have gone to the doctor and received those body mass index (BMI) score sheets and discovered that they were obese, based upon their height and weight. Now mind you, the people asking these questions are often those that go to the gym several times per week.


Cardio and Dieting – Part 3

Low Intensity Steady State Cardiotreadmill

By low intensity I am referring to heart rate zones that will optimize the process of utilizing fat for energy. The intensity can vary and generally the lower the intensity, the greater percentage of calories burnt that will come from fat. But admittedly, the lower the intensity the lower the net total of calories burnt during the session, so compromise is needed.


Cardio or No Cardio?

stairmillI get asked quite often what type of cardio I do and what type of cardio I recommend. The answer always shocks people. The answer is none! I almost never recommend cardio and I do none myself anymore. Now that's not to say I haven't in the past. Before I knew better, I fell for the 2-3 hours of cardio a day Broscience that many people fall for.

So why don't I do cardio? For a variety of reasons. Without going too in depth, here are the reasons, generally speaking.


Team Universe Men's Physique Report and Stage Pics

AlpYurteriA record number of competitors attended the Team Universe show this year in New Jersey. This is in no small part due to the massive influx of Men’s Physique Competitors flooding the stage as the division continues to pick up steam. As cross-overs are taken into account, over 160 men put on the boardshorts in the open classes in Teaneck spread across six height classes. In the 35+ master’s class, a total of 35 men hit their quarter turns in four height classes in hopes of earning their pro card. Finally in the 40+ master’s class 14 more MP men represented the division proudly divided into two height classes.

Pro cards were awarded across all height and age classes. Congrats to the 18 new IFBB Pro’s as well as the rest of the 160+ men that made all of us Men’s Physique competitors proud!


Meet IFBB MP Pro Greg Romero

greg-romero1Greg Romero says, “You are somebody and you will make this day count!”

Greg Romero, age 45, from Denver, Colorado, has been training for 24 years! This middle school teacher has his BA in History and currently resides in Henderson, Colorado. Let’s learn more about this Men’s Physique competitor!


Bust Your Plateau

We16 all know what a plateau is, but for giggles I wanted to provide the definition, just to make sure that we are all on the same page.

One dictionary defined plateau as a situation where something has stalled that was progressing forward previously. Another dictionary defines it as a level or period of relative stability, or relatively little change.


Creatine-Rich Foods or Creatine Supplements?

Creatinecreatine has been established as an important component of maximal muscle growth, strength and energy in the world of weightlifting, hence its almost ubiquitous presence in pre-workout formulations.  Though creatine can be formed in the kidneys and liver from arginine, glycine and methionine, weightlifters should supplement this production, either by taking powdered creatine supplements such as creatine monohydrate, or by consuming large amounts of creatine-rich foods.


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