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Partial Repetition Training

paritalrepsPartial repetitions are an excellent way to add a novel stimulus to the muscles and add overall intensity to a given set.

The first time I encountered partial repetitions was back in the late 1970s when I was about 17 years old. They were actually introduced to me by my older brother. The exercise was ‘21s’ for biceps, one arm at a time, with the working arm supported on an incline bench.


Kettlebells for Variety!

KettlebellSlideI’m always looking for new ways to provide an additional variety to my workouts. Recently, I have started to add kettlebells into the mix when doing traditional moves to add a different challenge.  I find that swapping out a dumbbell for a kettlebell really forces additional work on my entire body, but especially my core (primarily with one arm movements) and my forearms (depending on the grip).


Why Physique Competitors Should Train Legs

TumaLegArticleSlideIt’s time to talk about something that some Physique athletes have been rumored to avoid – leg day. Some competitive fitness athletes think it’s unnecessary to train legs since they aren’t directly judged during the spectating. However, legs still are a big part of your overall physique. If you have worked hard to develop your upper body, you don’t want to give up on your lower half and look out of balance. If you look at many of the top IFBB professionals, you will see that nearly all of the best go out of their way to train legs with just as much intensity as they do any other body part.


Total Back: Development and Strength!

duanebackarticleBack development and strength is crucial in any type of physique competition, as well as life in general. With that being said, you need to focus on both thickness and width in your back when training. There is constant focus given on creating that great v-taper, but you also have to make sure that your physique does not disappear when you turn to the side, and that there is detail, and not just width from the back. Also, from a functional standpoint, many people suffer from lower back pain. Strengthening those muscles while using proper form to prevent injury can help alleviate that issue. Here is a workout that should help put focus on both.


“Life Happens” Upper Body Workout

883C3590Don’t have the time to get your regular workout in? Try this!

Occasionally things can pop up that prevent you from being able to make it to the gym as often as you would like. When that happens, you have to adjust your workouts to fit in what body parts you need with the time that you have. Normally, I am able to get in one body part a day, but when that is not feasible, here is a routine that can help you knockout multiple body parts in one session. This is a great alternate workout that can help you hit your upper body quickly.


E.I.C. Ian Lauer shares a Pec Pulverizer

intensityIt’s chest day again.  You have to love it!  Like many of you, I’m on a mission to bring up the upper chest.  A solid upper chest improves the look of the entire upper body dramatically.  The following workout will have your pecs screaming and prime the pump to stack on slabs of pectoral meat!  (The weights mentioned are simply for reference.  You should of course use weights that correspond to your personal level of strength.)


V Taper Tips for Your Trimmer Waistline!

taperIf you’re a physique competitor or aspiring competitor, you know that the ideal physique is one with proper proportions. Most important is getting a small waist, wide lats, and round shoulders. This gives the ever sought after “V” taper that we all strive to get.


Workout on the Road or at Home. Bodyweight Only Routine

DuaneBrickhouseBackMany people have time commitments that supposedly prevent them from being able to workout.  In reality these are EXCUSES! However, not being able to physically make it a gym or a lack of access to equipment seems more plausible as a real excuse. But in actuality it is not a true reason to give up on breaking a sweat and getting in a good workout.   Here is a top notch workout that doesn’t require you to leave the house or have any weights.


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