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Scales Don’t Measure Aesthetics

NoScaleSlideRecently, I jumped back on the NPC stage for the first time since July of 2013 where I was in the second callouts of Team Universe. Many would say that this was the best I have ever looked in the two years I have been competing in Men’s Physique. After I came off the stage with my first place trophy, which was the first time getting 1st, I had people asking a lot of questions. The most asked question during my birthday weekend (Aaaw yeah, hello 30!) was “Jay Hall, how much did you weigh on stage?” My answer was simple: “I have no idea.”


Men’s Physique: Violations and Faux Pas

RegieDcoreTankFellas, listen up because I am about to drop some knowledge on you. These tips and pointers will go a long way to helping you look your best when you step on-stage. This entire article will be dedicated to the Men’s Physique uniform. That’s right, board shorts.

The NPC provides some pretty general guidance regarding board shorts, which I will quote because I would hate to get anything wrong:


Men's Physique Posing Tips From Jay Hall


I remember it like was yesterday. There I was in Salt Lake City in my first physique show of 2013 and, boom I was in first callout...


Aesthetics & The Forgotten Art – “The Difference Maker”

I wouldTodd abrams like to clarify something that I have noticed since entering the Men’s Physique division, first at the National level and which is even more relevant at the IFBB Pro level.  Whether we all agree or not; the fact is that in the Men’s Physique division posing has become known as the key point to placing in the top. Everyone knows that just because you have the sickest, most ripped physique, if you can't present it, then you're not delivering the overall best package and your placing will reflect that...


Before You Step On Stage for the First Time

In July Article Picture - Chris Hessmy last article I discussed the beginnings of my own personal journey to compete. I covered how to know when you are ready to make the commitment to step on stage.

So you’ve given it thought and decided you’re ready to compete; now what? Well, there are a lot of things that you need to be aware of with regards to nutrition, training, coaching, etc. And while there are many articles about those subjects—and I may even touch on them at a later date—there is one thing that isn’t mentioned often which I feel it is a very important piece of advice. If you are preparing to compete in your first show and you have never attended a contest in person, you need to attend a show!


Lose the Fur

If razoryou follow the world of fitness, men's physique, bodybuilding, or anything in physical culture long enough, there will come a day when you realize all the fit dude's that grace the magazines, the competition stage, or who just strut their stuff down the beach with sculpted 6 pack abs, all have one thing in common.  They have NO body hair! How can this be? They don't actually shave do they?


To Hire a Coach, or Not?


AlmostIMG 9573 one year ago, I receive a piece of advice from the 2012 Bikini Olympia Champion, Nathalia Melo, during a brief discussion in a downtown Fort Lauderdale gym. During our exchange, I told Nathalia that I was planning to compete in Men’s Physique and she prompted urged me to hire a nutrition/workout coach lickity split. Ok, she didn’t use the term lickity split but she did communicate that time was of the essence given that my first competition was a month away.

According to Nathalia, coaches have a way of “seeing things that you can’t see.” She went on to say that competitors have a way of “going crazy” in those last few weeks and days before a show.


Guide to Physique Competing. FAQ by New Competitors



Therenorth americans front comparison class c are many questions to consider when thinking about participating in a physique competition.  Scott Keppel, former body building competitor and Owner of Scott’s Training Systems has worked with a variety of individuals.  His skills and expertise cover a wide range of areas.  He has coached everyone from pro physique competitors to individuals enrolling in their first show.  In this article Scott shares answers to the questions most commonly asked by those considering physique competing...


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