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Are You Healthy?

Being healthy life exithealthy is more than just about the way you look. As competitors we focus on the way we look since on stage that is the majority of the judging. The important question is, are you actually healthy? There are many things that go into being healthy. You cannot judge someone’s health by the way they look. Some good looking people are very unhealthy...


Try a Dose of Perturbation


If you’veAngel arms 1 ever subjected your skeletal system to the bone threatening pressure of a heavy barbell during a grueling set of squats, bench press or dead lift, which I am sure you have, you likely did so for a highly compelling reason… GROWTH!  Too be more exact, “Muscular Growth.”   That pressure is called PERTURBATION which happens to be one of my favorite words and Mindsets.  Perturbation in this context means, “An alteration of the function of a biological system, induced by external or internal mechanisms.”  


Bizzaro World: THE LIFE


I’vegraded lessons book been wanting to write this for quite some time. It amazes me how times change and the way people’s perceptions of things change. We also become more knowledgeable and unfortunately we also become less knowledgeable. We see examples of it all around in our society today. I believe we are living in a Bizzaro World. The topic I would like to touch on here is the way we view foods and health.

100 years ago the average person was more knowledgeable about food and healthy eating than we are these days.


Get Over It

Like hurdlethe achievement of anything worthwhile your pursuit of a sexy, healthy and lean body is going to be met with a few obstacles.  Your ability to successfully hurdle all those obstacles will mean the difference between success and failure, frustration and celebration.

A man who knows a thing or two about getting over hurdles once said - when asked about tapping into potential -

       When asked about “potential” legendary Olympic Gold Medalist Edwin Moses once said:

          “Lots of people let it go by… and never accomplish what they want.”

Moses knew that during any given race he would have to face and get over 10 specifically spaced hurdles, to get to the finish line and exploit his potential - you don’t have the luxury of being able predict how many, what kind or even when or where you’ll encounter your obstacles.
Which put’s your first obstacle – and it’s a BIG one - directly on your path... 


Above All… Be Happy

In muscle smiley faceour modern day society of go, go, go and more, more, more: we often get so caught up in always reaching for the next challenge.  We may often times forget that everything we have always needed to Be Happy, we have had all along! It is amazing how those of us that are constantly reaching can get so wrapped up in the process that we may forget that we have already accomplished so many things and that if we never take the time to enjoy our accomplishments and always look for what is next, we never will be truly satisfied!...


You Think You Want to Compete? Steps to Take Before You Commit


The Jr Nats Class A Top 5allure of competing in physique shows draws thousands of participants every year.  The industry has changed over time and with the sudden rise of health clubs and gyms being established every day across the nation, more and more people are undertaking the challenge of testing their abilities on stage.  

Every individual stands to benefit from undertaking goals as they relate to fitness, health and bodybuilding.  For many, this comes in the form of Physique competitions.  When done properly competitions offer the unique advantage of setting a goal and sticking to a training and nutrition plan that allows you to achieve it.  


Embrace The Difficulties!


HowDerek NPC Jr USA 2012 many times do you hear someone that you know within the Fitness Industry complaining about the difficulties of competing, modeling, training, dieting, etc…? Well, if you follow any Social Networking Site or have a large circle of Fitness Friends, I’m sure that you have heard your fair share of this. The truth of the matter is just like the old adage says; nothing that is worth having is easy! This is true of the Fitness Industry, just as it is true of ANY Industry and when you get right down to it, there are no secrets or shortcuts and really anything works, it is just that most people give up before they are successful!  The key to all of this is realizing that it is ultimately our choice and the times in our lives were we are actually forced to do something are very rare, the trick is to learn to embrace the adversities and realize that they are paving the way to success! Yes, Embrace the Difficulties! It is no different than bringing up a lagging body part or working on our weak links, when you embrace and learn to enjoy the difficulties; everything becomes that much more enjoyable and consequently that much easier!


Just Do It… For YOU!

How 463280 444604208887484 153047521376489 96035589 935150514 omany times do you hear someone say that they are doing something to show someone else or to prove their “Haters” wrong? We all probably hear this a lot more than we should! With all of the wonderful people and things that we all are surrounded by, what we should be focusing on is all of the good, all of the Positive! We need to realize that everything and I mean everything ultimately comes down to us! No matter how supportive someone is in our lives, they simply cannot do it for us and ultimately it comes down to what we want and what we are willing to do!


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