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The Basics to Gym Motivation with Video

Motivationimage is a psychological feature that encourages an individual to act towards a desired goal. It could be the simple fact of seeing someone else lifting or squatting more than you which could motivate you, or maybe it’s because you are trying to impress the cute girl on the treadmill. Whatever it may be, there are motivational elements all around us.

Motivation is a very important factor in elite level sports for the simple reason it’s what makes you do what you do. If you’re not motivated to be the absolute best you can be, then you will definitely fall far short of that which you are capable. 

There are two particular types of motivation, Intrinsic and Extrinsic. 


Everything You've Been Told Is Wrong, Part 1

Ever sinceIMG 1020 I starting bodybuilding over 12 years ago, I have heard the same bodybuilding myths and advice over and over again. Things like; you have to do hours of low intensity, fasted cardio, don’t eat carbs 3 hours before bed, no fruit during contest prep, and my favorite……no water day of show.  I thought I would touch on some of these myths and get to the truth.


Natural Breath Fresheners That Won’t Bust Your Contest Prep


Competitorscinnamon often deal with changes in their meal plans which may result in breath that isn’t always the freshest.  The problem is that the most readily available commercial breath freshening mints have sugar or artificial sweeteners which can cause bloating and potentially jeopardize a contest prep plan if consumed frequently.  Luckily, there are a number of natural food substances which are very effective at freshening the breath and which are also safe to consume during contest prep.  Try any of the following in place of mints or mouthwashes.


Running On Excitement!

HereRun On Excitement we are again in the full swing of competition season, the winter months are over and it’s time to show or begin to prepare to show all of the hard work that’s been going on in the off season! With this comes different demands and many who have competed before know that at times you may question why you are doing it or just can’t understand why you feel a bit drained as your competition draws near. There is however one thing that above all will always guarantee you an unlimited supply of energy: EXCITEMENT!


Keep Positive Company

DoTom C you have anyone in your circle of friends or family who are constantly harping about the negative?  These are the people who don't understand why you are doing something and talk about all the things wrong with what you are trying to accomplish.  I have certainly had my share over the years.  When I was in endurance sports for so long and decided to train for my first marathon...many people asked "why in the world would you want to put yourself through that?"  They would make fun of the long hours of running I needed to do to get ready for the race.  When I decided then to do my first Ironman, the negative responses grew even louder.  "You want to do WHAT...for a 140.6 miles?!??"   They question my sanity, why I focused so much time and effort into the sport.  Why I would do century rides on Saturday mornings, or 13 mile runs on Sundays.  In time, I just had to reject the negativity and move forward.  It would have been much easier if they all felt the need to give me some positive feedback, but I understand that some people will never change.


"Staying Afloat" What Does Putting on the Board Shorts Mean to Me?

 Why johnny johnsondo I compete if it’s not to “WIN” or turn PRO?

The way I live my life is my statement to the world, representing by living values, beliefs, and aspirations.  I’m defined by three core values FAMILY, COUNTRY & HONOR.  

Many things are within control, and some things are out of my control.  Knowing the difference gives two options: Surrender or die trying.

One and a half months out from the Governor’s Cup my knee gives way during a lateral movement.  An MRI and Ultra Sound Reveals a meniscus tear and ACL Tear.



  Most Andrew Bukowsky - Marchdays have a sunrise and a sunset, but play no significant role in our lives.  There are those few days however, that have such a profound impact on us that we are not likely to ever forget any moment of that day.  These days can be drastically different for each and every one of us, whether it is a wedding day, the birth of a child, or stepping on stage for a fitness competition.  What we need to make sure of is that we cherish each and every one of these moments.


Tips to Sticking to a Weight Loss Plan


Now 1markthat we are a good ways into the New Year, I hope everyone is still going strong with their resolutions and sticking to their plans.  As many people tend to fall off as the months progress, I’d like to share a few ways you can stay committed and or get started to getting that body you have always wanted. 

I hate using the word “diet” because those never last and people tend to think they are boring.  To be successful with anything you must have a plan, so I like using the terms “weight loss plan” or “lifestyle change” when talking about getting into shape.  Here a few tips to help you stick to your plan and new lifestyle:


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