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How Do You Light the Fire, When It Seems To Have Gone Out?

Recently I had my best placing to dateflamepic, but...


Why You Should Build A Show Strategy

Perhaps you have already competed in risk-bookshelf-board-game-2one or more shows, or you are thinking of entering your first competition in men’s physique.  The last thing you should do is enter a show with no forethought as to which shows might be better for you than others.  If you want to get your feet wet, you may want to avoid the bigger shows right out of the gate because they can be intimidating and downright discouraging.

If you are selecting your first show, choose one that is local to you, a national qualifier, and one that is scheduled far enough out so that you have enough time to prep.  I have seen many male and female competitors jump into a show at the last minute with little to no prep.  If you are a seasoned competitor who always looks show ready, that’s one thing, but if you are not yet stage-worthy, you could damage your chances of placing high at future shows in the same region...


Why It Matters

“Do what you can if you can for thoseKids running who can’t” ~ My pops, Marvin Earl Ashhurst R.I.P.

As I rode on the train to the airport to head home from the North Americans in Cleveland I looked around at the vacant buildings and low income areas we passed by and began to reflect on where I came from and what earning my IFBB Pro card means. 

Competitors have often asked what I get for earning the title IFBB Pro…supplement sponsorship, magazine spreads, etc...


Perfect Your Day

You have just rolled out of bed, scale-weights-clocktime to break the fast!!


7am: Bacon or Ham and Fried Eggs. (Not pancakes, or a bagel with cream cheese)


Benefit 1: Fullness and Energy: the protein in this power meal will keep you full throughout the morning
Benefit 2: Relaxed Blood Vessels: when you digest eggs, protein fragments are produced that can prevent your blood vessels from narrowing, which may keep your blood pressure from rising.




REMEMBER!!!! This is your most important meal of the day!!! Don't miss it!!!



Now, I know I normally obviously blog about training,9 11 nutrition and things relating to health. But instead of health in terms of those above things, let's remember how healthy it is to maintain important relationships with the ones you love. It's a day like today that reminds us to keep in touch with those closest to us...whether it be through phone, email, text, it doesn't matter.

The window of life can close SO quickly and in the grand scheme of things, things like competing in fitness shows etc are just a part of a great life we are creating. I've got to remind myself a lot of times to make that phone call to a loved one, because you just never know. Life is so unpredictable. Don't have any regrets on the fitness stage or in life...


The Drive

                Sometimes we all need to have a bit of a mental resetAlways and remember why we do the things we do and what it took for us to get where we are! In this judgmental and opinion based sport of Men’s Physique it is important to remember that in the end, the only validation that we need is our own…


BEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP!!! I rolled over and looked at my alarm and saw that 5am had come once again… I quickly hit the snooze and finally got out of bed 30 minutes later. As my feet hit the ground, I couldn’t help but think how my back was hurting like it had every morning before, ugh! I stumbled out to the kitchen to make some coffee and grab some food. As I reached in the cupboard I realized that I was out of my breakfast pastries that I loved so much, double ugh! As I dug deeper I saw some oatmeal and protein powder that I had bought months back and never used… I guess I’ll give it a shot, since I have nothing else! I made the oatmeal in the microwave with water and a few raisins that I found, hmmm… I forgot how good this stuff actually tastes, nice! The protein shake wasn’t half bad either, tasted like chocolate and was quick, double nice!


Peak Week is Finally Here!

In this article, I’m going to outline the final days of DSC 5597 EGAKWOURWCmy prep. A few little mistakes here could turn into a major catastrophe! 5 days out….exhausted, hungry, and surviving the passion to compete and the drive to win! By this time, you don’t know if you’re coming or going, but because I have done this so many times, it becomes easier as I go. Here are some pre-contest tips, training split, and the final days’ nutrition intake for me.



Tanning – We all use a skin dye before taking the stage, but tanning a couple weeks out, will help tighten and dry your skin out. However, make sure to stop tanning at least 72 hours prior to stage time. I do not recommend regular tanning, as it is not good for you in the long run...    


Ten Days Out: Eating Plan and Training Split

So here I am 10 days out. This is a point in my 12prep where I’m glad to have a coach to help keep my head on straight. What I mean by that is you can start second guessing yourself. Am I leaning out too fast? Am I not lean enough?? Then you decide to make changes which can be detrimental to your success on show day. I always recommend having a second look!


Life has to come first before competing in most cases, which can also be a major challenge during your prep. For example, I am in the 6th year of my career, and my current month-to-date production is double that of any month prior! This is a great accomplishment, but has meant longer work hours, later nights and earlier mornings. With that being said, this has been and will continue to be the most challenging contest prep for me as well!


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