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Everything You’ve Been Told Is Wrong: Part III

I DWt24would like to thank everyone again. The response I have received since I started this 3-part series has been incredible. I appreciate you guys telling me your stories and letting me know how powerful this has been for you. I've had quite a few of you tell me how a light bulb went off after reading the first two parts. The realization that it wasn't your fault, but your coaches fault that you weren't in shape in time for stage or for looking better the week before. Here are some more bodybuilding myths: 

Eat every 2 1/2 hours or your metabolism will slow down...


When Are You Ready For The Stage?

When chris Hess 3 month 1.11.13 - 4.3.13do you know you’re ready? How do I even get started on my journey? If you’re like me, you probably asked this question to yourself time and time again . Every competitor has to start somewhere, but how do you know where to start? Where do you go?   When do you know it’s your time to take the stage?

I’m here to share my “in progress” journey; my trials and tribulations, successes and failures and everything along the way...


The Journey: Part II

InDSC 1487 TCOZTTCMZB my first segment I was on a train bound for NYC to meet up with Mike Lyons and Adam Silver of Silver Model Management.  It was just two days after winning my class at the NPC Rhode Island Championships and I was doing everything in my power not to eat everything in sight!  I ended up having a great meeting with Mike and Adam and I am now in the process of updating my portfolio so that I can start getting some modeling work as a Silver Model.  I feel very excited and feeling blessed to have such an amazing opportunity. 


Cutting Phase, Will It Kill My Social Life?

Ifrx you’re a fitness competitor or someone who’s taken their body to a place most haven’t, then you know the commitment and focus it takes to get “cut.” Sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears are all part of the process. But, does it mean you can’t have social life while dialing it in?


Motivational Memoirs: Always Do Your Best

Thereattachment are several truisms in life that if followed will certainly lead us down a path of happiness, success, and fulfillment, at times they may seem difficult. In reality though, each time we stray from these is where things go wrong and really get difficult. One of the foundations on which all other things are built is the principle of “Always Doing OUR Best.”  This is something that may take a bit longer at times, but in the end it saves us so much time and allows us to ultimately be fulfilled by what we have done!


Improvement Through Better Company

Whenshaka oprah quote it comes to improving ourselves and building a better body inside and out its funny how we can often be met with resistance from those that we expected would be there to support our changes.  The good news if you have found yourself in this situation is that you are certainly not alone.  Having negative experiences with those around you about the healthier choices you are trying to make can easily derail you on the road to the physique and lifestyle you ultimately want to lead.  This is why it is so important to make a conscious decision to surround yourself with those people who will only serve to uplift and support you during the difficult journey of true lifestyle change.


The Journey

 It'sDSC 1487 TCOZTTCMZB a sunny and crisp day in early June and I'm on a train headed to NYC for a long overdue meeting with Mike Lyons of Silver Model Management.  Last year after competing in the IFBB North American Championships, which was my second time competing at a national level show, Mike had asked me to come down to meet with him and the Silver Team. I had submitted some photographs through Silver's website and was fortunate enough to catch the Creative Director's attention.  Unfortunately for me the timing was bad....my Wife was due at any time with our first child, Sophia, and I simply had too many responsibilities that needed my attention.  

Fast forward 7 months to May 5th, 2013...


Everything You’ve Been Told Is Wrong: Part II

Id18 would first like to thank everyone who wrote me to let me know they enjoyed Part I. Without you guys I would not have the opportunity to write these articles. Thank you again and please keep the comments, thoughts, and questions coming. So here are some more bodybuilding myths:

  The only way to get shredded is fish and veggies: While tilapia and broccoli are excellent foods to eat anytime, the tilapia and broccoli diet to get lean is not necessary and honestly is just unhealthy. Your body won’t receive enough nutrition or calories. Your body is bound to go into starvation mode and a catabolic state. Weeks of this type of diet and large amounts of cardio will burn muscle mass quicker than you can imagine!


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