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Building a Fitness Accountability Group



Arefitness group you new to working out?  Visiting the site for motivation and pointers?  Having trouble sticking to your new plan?  If so this article is for you!  

How can we find ways to maintain fitness? Are there cost effective strategies to insure we keep fitness a priority in our lives? I recently polled a number of individuals and asked what motivates them to hire a trainer and go to the gym? By far, the answer was accountability. They stated they were motivated because they are paying a trainer who expects them to show up. That made a lot of sense to me. When I was working to get back in shape a trainer wasn't in the budget, but I always went to classes at my local gym. I got to know many of the people in class, as well as the instructor, and when I didn't show up everyone noticed. That motivated me to keep going.


Fear: Overcoming Obstacles to Success



Do Goal Setting2-1you let fear and negativity hold you back from going after your goals, whether they are related to fitness, health, career, family or other areas in your life?  Do you find yourself saying “what-if” and then speculating on what the worst possible outcome could be if things don’t go your way?  We often approach new endeavors with fear in our hearts.  It’s challenging to change that perspective.  We don’t want to fail so we let fear guide us. 

Someone once said to me, “Answer your worst ‘what-if.’”  Often times, you’ll find that while the outcome may not be desirable, it’s also not something that is life-altering.  One the other hand, what if you tried something with the attitude that you could not fail, that given enough time and hard work, you would be successful.  What if you turned your “what-if” statement into something positive?  Focus on the very best thing that could happen. 

Use the following strategies to help you overcome fear and push toward your goals.


Add Meaning To Your End…

How  mg 9567-editmany times in our lives have we found ourselves simply going through the motions or forcing ourselves to do something because we justify it as a “Means to an End?” Or in simpler terms doing something that we do not enjoy in order to get an end result! We have all been there; whether it is Our Job, School, Training, Etc… When we take this kind of mentality no matter how justifiable the end result we severely limit our potential to produce an even better ending or even to create new opportunities along the way! While we all have days that we feel like we have to do something that is less than favorable, these truly should be the rarities and if they are not, the first step is to look at our outlook and see if we really are overlooking the experience that we could be gaining along the way!

One such scenario is when we complain because we have what we consider to be a Bad Boss or a Bad Work Environment; you know the ones that make you absolutely dread going to work!..


What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

I lovemind to listen to self help CD’s and read self help books. I believe it is good to always be improving yourself not only physically, but also mentally.  I was listening to a CD yesterday and it had some great points. The biggest thing I got from the message was to be careful of what you feed your mind. Just like our bodies if you put the right “food” into your mind it will function at it’s best...


Gym Etiquette and More!



We have all been to the gym and have gym idiotbeen annoyed by people in the gym. Sometimes it’s breaking gym etiquette and then other times it’s just plain dumb. So here’s a list of the things that annoy me the most. Enjoy!

1.    Having to work out next to people who smell like an ashtray.
2.    People who don’t take their weights off the machine.
3.    Using 10 machines at the same time or 4 sets of dumbbells at the same time.
4.    Talking on your cell phone while occupying equipment.
5.    Thinking that dropping weights is not dramatic enough so they throw the weights down.


Honesty is the Best Policy

“I cannot tell a lie, it was I who chopped down the chrytreCherry Tree.” Most of us recognize this quote as we were likely told the story of America’s First President, George Washington chopping down his Father’s favorite Cherry Tree and confessing fully when questioned about it. Whether the story is true or not, the lesson remains the same and the reason we were told this story in the first place was to demonstrate and teach about Honesty! You see, Honesty really is the best policy, but we are usually only taught about being Honest with Others when in all actuality, we must all Truly be Honest with OURSELVES and that is the most important form of Honesty! Without Self Honesty we are constantly on an unstable foundation and nothing built on an unstable foundation will last!..


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Ninety Three Pounds! ….That’s what accident legsI weighed the first...


Prep to Perfection (The Checklist)


Thru my experiences competing, I havechecklist realized how important...


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