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That Smile...

Having just returned from The Warrior Classic, an amazingIMG 7239 NPC Competition in Loveland, CO this past weekend I still can’t get That Smile off of my Face and out of my Heart! That Smile that is Unmistakable, That Smile that comes from Deep Inside, That Smile that is Real, That Smile that Changes Lives…


The reason I have That Smile is simple; because I witnessed first hand an entire Team of Athletes with That Smile! I am very fortunate and honored to say that I Coached 13 Competitors on Team 970Muscle who competed in 23 Classes in a large competition with 170 Competitors! You see… That Smile is contagious! Having been alongside with each Competitor throughout their journey made it all that much more special to see them with That Smile on their faces! You know, That Smile when you achieve something that you never thought you were capable of!


When I Coach a Competitor for a Competition, I have 3 Major Goals...


The Gift

            Each and every one of us has been bestowedThe Gift with the ultimate blessing; the power to make our own way, yet very few people will utilize this Gift to it’s full potential. So many will spend their time and energy becoming what others or society feels that they should be and to lose yourself is to waste what has been given to you!


            I challenge you to look deep inside yourself and find that Dream that you have always wanted to make a reality!...



3 weeks out from the IFBB North American Championships!

         I am 3 weeks out from my 6th contest DSC 5597 EGAKWOURWCof the year and personally the most important one. In 3 weeks I will be competing for IFBB Pro status in the new Men’s Physique division.  This will be my final competition for the season and hoping to bring the best package to the stage in order to win and become a new pro in the division.  Over the next few weeks I will be doing updates of progress with detailed information on my diet, training, and other helpful tips that I hope others can use to bring a great package to their next show as well!




My diet changes frequently but as of right now here is an example..:



Heart Of A Champion…

As many of you may already know,IMG_6914 I recently had the Honor and Opportunity to Compete at the 2011 NPC USA’s in Men’s Physique! This truly was a special time for many reasons; it was the LARGEST National NPC Competition to date with nearly 700 Competitors (roughly 100 of them Men’s Physique), it was the First NPC USA to include Men’s and Women’s Physique, and lastly it was my very first National Level NPC Competition! All of these things combined with the AMAZING Competitors, Fans, Family, and Friends made for one amazing experience!


Pro or NOT to Pro

If you think that you’re going to be a Pro in the next 6 months, I have a cruel and jarring reality for you….you most likely will not be. That’s the good news! The bad news is that the feeling you are feeling right now after reading that is the strongest thing you have and will motivate you to become a Pro. If this does not sound appetizing to you, than pick a different sport, because there are very few athletes or competitors that just “walked on” an amateur and “walked off” an IFBB Pro. Ask any IFBB Pro and they will tell you the trials and tribulations they had to overcome and the dedication it takes...


Men’s Physique a League of Gentlemen

some of the guys at JR Nationals
Besides just representing the sign to the lavatory, the men’s physique
competitors so far have lived up to the term gentlemen.  I have competed
in 4 shows; 2 regional, 2 national and taken part of several blogs and
groups online to determine the fact that these guys are just genuine and
kind.  My first show comes to mind and proves apparent the distinction
referenced above.  When I went to register for the Atlantic States at 8
am contest day I noticed the hoard of competitors waiting; bodybuilders,
bikini, figure and the new class men’s physique.  The morning could be
described by a quote that came up in the Men's Physique group on face
book, “…up tight ego's, guys mean mugging, air lats every were you turn,
absolutely no eye contact or chatting..” Ryan Fasano, a previous NPC
bodybuilder and now physique competitor, sums up that this was the
feeling and scene he's been accustomed to when bodybuilding, but as his
quote continues, “The camaraderie in the new men's physique is putting

the fire back into me..”


How Badly Do You Want It?

When it comes to getting in shape thereCortsTransformation is no easy road! It's all about making the lifestyle changes necessary in order to achieve the results you want. You have to decide how badly you really want to make the changes and then put the effort & hard work into getting it done.

You must realize results will not come overnight. This is going to take consistency and dedication. That's why it's more important that you change your lifestyle and not just go on a diet or try some other quick solution. Your goal should be results that are going to last a lifetime and make you a healthier person...



An Emotional Rollercoaster


Competing, like life has it’s up and downs and can be an emotional roller coaster. The journey usual begins with excitement and some uncertainty. As you compete at your first show a lot of emotions come out and a lot of questions are answered. You usually decide if competing is for you. You decide when your next show might be. You decide what type of competitor you want to be. The journey takes many different directions and is different for every single competitor. For me the journey started with competing as a bodybuilder at an amateur local level. I loved competing, but knew I had no interest in being a pro bodybuilder or even trying to be a national level competitor. I realized that to be a pro or even a national level bodybuilder I would have to take my physique to a level I had no interest in taking it to. I just liked the feeling of sculpting my body and pushing myself to create the leanest and most aesthetic body possible. I had come to a point after 10 years where the uncertainty had come back and the excitement had dwindled. Then just as I was thinking of retiring from bodybuilding, Men’s Physique was born...


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