Perfect Your Day

You have just rolled out of bed, scale-weights-clocktime to break the fast!!

7am: Bacon or Ham and Fried Eggs. (Not pancakes, or a bagel with cream cheese)

Benefit 1: Fullness and Energy: the protein in this power meal will keep you full throughout the morning
Benefit 2: Relaxed Blood Vessels: when you digest eggs, protein fragments are produced that can prevent your blood vessels from narrowing, which may keep your blood pressure from rising.


REMEMBER!!!! This is your most important meal of the day!!! Don't miss it!!!


You're caught in stop and go traffic!!! Figures!


8am: Chew Gum (Not Coffee, caffeine can cause a spike in a stress hormone called "Cortisol" which makes you retain FAT!)

Benefit: Stress Relief: Stop pounding on the wheel and grab a pack of gum! Research has shown that the act of chewing gum might lead to subconscious associations with positive social settings.(LIKE MEALTIMES)


Your to-do list is never-ending so you’re having trouble staying on task.

9:45am: Drink Green Tea or Mint Tea (Not soda, it slows your reaction time by 80% after an hour, by flooding your body with useless sugar energy!!!)

Benefit: Focus: The natural mint and poly-phenols found in tea will help increase your "Metabolism" and keep you focused.


Lunchtime! Finally, with your metabolism boosted from snacking all morning, you’re ready!


Noon: Grilled Salmon (Trout & Halibut are good also) w/ Spinach or Arugula Salad (Not Mc Donalds, fast food contains "Saturated Fat" which is proven to increase the look and appearance of AGE!!)

Benefit: Alertness: Salmon contain "Tyrosine", an amino acid that your brain to make dopamine and nephrine - neurochemicals that keep you alert.
Benefit: Improved Mood & Memory: Leafy greens are a good source of the B vitamin "Folate", used by the brain to make mood controllers "Serotonin, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine"


The day is almost over, and because of your stress, you have a pounding headache.

2pm: Cayenne Pepper: Add 1/4 teaspoon of fresh cayenne to a few ounces of warm water. After the powder settles at the bottom, dip a cotton swab into solution and apply inside of your nostril on the side of your pain. (Should burn a bit, but worth the try!)

Benefit: Migraine Relief!!!


After recovering from that headache, the craving to treat yourself is stronger than ever!

3pm: Kiwi, Oranges, Red Bell Peppers: All three are packed with Vitamin C and Fructose Sugar (natural sugar found in fruit).

Benefit: This will help keep your sweet tooth tame, and help improve your Immune System. Taking at least 200 milligrams daily may help shorten the duration of your symptoms next time your under the weather.(Test have shown that the healthier you are the more receptive your body is to the positive effects of Vitamin C, and vice versa)


You're prepping for a pre-date workout- maybe 20min of Cardio then come Core, but you’re feeling sluggish.Healthy-Diet-food


5pm: 1/2 an Apple & Shot of Espresso (Do Not Go On Empty Stomach, you will burn Muscle, not Fat!)

Benefit 1: This is your pre workout energy fix, its low-calorie enough not to fill you up, but it has the carbs you need for energy. you will hit the gym with added vigor :)


You have just got to the restaurant for your dinner reservation. It’s been a while since you have been out to a place this nice! Your stressing about making the evening perfect.  Here is your plan.

8:15pm: Glass of Wine

Benefit: A glass of wine really does take the edge off. University of Toronto researchers found that 1 alcoholic drink causes peoples blood vessels to relax - but the second drinks begins to reverse the effect, so limit your intake. You'll be even more relaxed knowing that a glass of red wine contains "Resveratol", an antioxidant linked to everything from Cancer Prevention to Heart Disease Protection. One variety of wine you should try is: Pinot Noir


8:32pm: Steak or Oysters

Benefit: Libido Boost: Protein can boost levels of brain chemicals that heighten arousal. Steak also contains "Zinc" which helps maintain testosterone levels. The Oysters have been proven to show similar results.


Your home now from a huge day, but you can’t sleep because your mind is racing!


11pm: Cherry Juice (Not warm milk. Contrary to popular belief, warm milk will keep you up. Blame it on the protein content, which blocks serotonin, that helps you fall asleep.)

Benefit: Sleep-inducing Serotonin: Carbs help boost your brains production of serotonin, a neurochemical that can help induce sleepiness. I'm going to guess you don't just have cherry juice sitting in the fridge. So buy "Lakewood Organic Pure Black Cherry Juice", which only has 1 ingredient: juice from cherries. Only about 140 calories per serving. (Not Bad)


I hope this example of a perfect day will help get you closer to your goal!!!!!


Timothy B. Roberts
[email protected]



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