Now, I know I normally obviously blog about training,9 11 nutrition and things relating to health. But instead of health in terms of those above things, let's remember how healthy it is to maintain important relationships with the ones you love. It's a day like today that reminds us to keep in touch with those closest to us...whether it be through phone, email, text, it doesn't matter.

The window of life can close SO quickly and in the grand scheme of things, things like competing in fitness shows etc are just a part of a great life we are creating. I've got to remind myself a lot of times to make that phone call to a loved one, because you just never know. Life is so unpredictable. Don't have any regrets on the fitness stage or in life.

In addition, a day like 9-11, although sad, tells us all to get busy LIVING. There must be a fine balance of work, competition and play in life. Now, I know too many people that play entirely way too much, never accomplishing what they so called really "aspire" or "dream" of doing. Other people work a lot, (myself included) and don't spend enough time enjoying life and soaking up all the wonderful things it involves. Find that balance. Live with no regrets, and do what feels right and stay close to the ones that mean the most.  Enjoy your friendships in work, the gym and on stage.

Be you, be true. And never forget 9/11/2001 

Dave Shutler
Fitness Model
Motivational Life Coach

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