What Are You Feeding Your Mind?


I lovemind to listen to self help CD’s and read self help books. I believe it is good to always be improving yourself not only physically, but also mentally.  I was listening to a CD yesterday and it had some great points. The biggest thing I got from the message was to be careful of what you feed your mind. Just like our bodies if you put the right “food” into your mind it will function at it’s best.

Let me boil down the main message of the CD.  If you go about your day stuffing your brain with music from the radio, television shows like Jersey Shore, listening to the gossip at work, discussions about sports or Facebook: what do you think your mind is going to do with all the information it receives? Nothing productive, you can bank on that.  It becomes cluttered with essentially worthless garbage that hold zero value when it comes to making a difference in your body or in our world. 

Our brains are very complex, but are also limited and only retain so much information. You can feed your brain worthless drivel (trash TV...the  twinkie of knowledge sharing) or quality inspirational material (self-improvement books/cd's...the steak and eggs of improvement).  Which do you choose?  Instead of the radio why don’t we pop in a educational CD while driving to work.  Instead of Jersey Shore, read a book.  Instead of sitting around listening to the gossip at work, find a coworker and strategize about how you are going to increase your output or even start your own business.

My point is not to give up all types of entertainment, but limit the amount of junk we are feeding the mind.  Give your mind more substantial food to fuel it. Sure, I like to sit down and watch a little Jersey Shore too!  However, that is just a small part of my “mind’s diet."  Ask yourself what you are feeding your mind each day. Is it the right fuel?? It doesn’t matter how healthy your body is if yoiur mind is not functioning at it’s best. Does your life have significance, success, neither, or both??

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