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We have all been to the gym and have gym idiotbeen annoyed by people in the gym. Sometimes it’s breaking gym etiquette and then other times it’s just plain dumb. So here’s a list of the things that annoy me the most. Enjoy!

1.    Having to work out next to people who smell like an ashtray.
2.    People who don’t take their weights off the machine.
3.    Using 10 machines at the same time or 4 sets of dumbbells at the same time.
4.    Talking on your cell phone while occupying equipment.
5.    Thinking that dropping weights is not dramatic enough so they throw the weights down.

6.    Doing twice the weight you should be doing and then squatting 1”.
7.    Using the same bench as me in the locker room while 3 other benches are empty.
8.    Blow drying your entire body dry with the hand dryer.
9.    Not washing your hands after using the bathroom, over 50% in my gym don’t.
10.    Having gym owners who don’t give a shit about their members, just making money.
11.    People giving advice to others that don’t know what they are talking about.
12.    Working out in jeans or a winter coat.
13.    People that don’t put the dumbbells back in place, if you can’t add you shouldn’t be in the gym.
14.    Putting your water bottle on the cardio equipment to reserve it till you’re ready to use it.
15.    People doing weird ass exercises wrong. Stick to the basics.
16.    Grunting and groaning unnecessarily. There is no need for people on the other side of the gym to hear you. Plenty of us near you can see you acting like a jackass.

And that’s just an abbreviated list. I would love to hear about the annoying people you guys run into at the gym. Hit me up on Facebook or in the MensPhysique Forum and let me know.

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