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2012 National Junior Championships Review


The final day of the 2012 National Junior Championships ended with a backflip from Kollin Cockrell incelebration of a successful 180 kg clean and jerk and a 1st place finish in the 105kg weight class with a 316kg total.  The National Juniors was contested in Itasca , Illinois from January 27th-January 29th,2012.  In one of USA Weightlifting’s premier showcase events the 20 and under age group put on a show for the crowd. 


2012 Arnold Strongman Classic Events and Schedule


Every year, Dr Terry Todd and his staff at the Arnold Sports Festival try to find new ways to challenge the athletes they invite to what is easily the most challenging strength contest on the planet. Here at the Arnold Strongman Challenge, things arent just heavy, they are actually impossible for some of the athletes every year. Last years 240lb dumbbell press overhead saw the entire first half of the field unable to lock out even one rep. Hummer Tire Deadlift? Only 2 guys saw all 4 wheels on each side of the bar. This year looks to be about the same. The dumbbell event? Ya, they upped it to 255lbs....


Breaking News: Michael Burke Wins L.A. Fit!


Breaking News: Dave Palumbo is reporting from Los Angeles that Michael Burke of Aurora, Colorado, the 2011 Olympia Strongman Champion has just won the L.A. Fit, Met-Rx All American Strongman Challenge. Mike went into the final event, the Atlas Stones with a 1/2 point lead over Icelands Stefan Solve Petersen and emerged victorious. Michael was one of only two athletes to finish all 5 stones.



Joe Morrow Does it Again: 1350 Total @ 134lbs!

January 21st at the RUM 5 Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas, Joe Morrow (148) took first place in the 148 Men's Open Class by way of a 446.4 squat, 319.6 bench press, and 584.2 deadlift, making good on his word to go 10x bodyweight without wraps with a 1,350.2 total at a bodyweight of 134.2 pounds. His deadlift was a new RUM meet record, and the total gave him a coefficient of 10.061x giving him the Lightewight Division Champion of Champions title by Schwartz formula. Here is footage of his deadlift:


Breaking News: 2012 Arnold Strongman Athlete List


What could be arguably billed as the largest collection of male athletes in the world, the 2012 Arnold Strongman Challenge has released it's list of invitees. With a few new comers, a few veterans, a standalone world record holder, 3 Arnold champions and 2 of the biggest men ever to compete in the sport, it is gonna be one hell of a ride in Columbus, March 2nd and 3rd. 

This list is of the 8 invitees named thus far. The final two will be named after the LA Fit Expo All American Strongman Challenge this coming weekend in Los Angeles, Ca. We are awaiting an email form Odd Haugen, LA Fit Strongman organizer so we can begin to determine who the final two might be. More as this develops.


Video Rewind: Superhuman Strongman


Superhuman is a video series found on Nat Geo that covers everything form superhuman abilities to the science behind them. Here are the first 3 parts with some very recognizable strongmen, powerlifters, nail benders and the alike. 


All American Strongman Challenge: LA Fit Expo


UPDATE: Below is the list of athletes registered for this weekends event.

Next weekend in Los Angeles, California, the Met Rx All American Strongman Challenge will take place with the winner receiving an automatic invite to this years Arnold Strongman Challenge. Last January, the giant Brit Terry Hollands held off veterans Nick Best, Mark Felix and the big Canadian, Louis Philippe Jean to earn his spot at the Arnold. The athletes list will be updated this week and posted as soon as I have it.



Lou Costa, Zelda, Lu Tang Klan and Scott Bakula?


Once again, more ramblings from the articulate and intellegent, albeit slightly bent, mind of Lou Costa. In this installment Lou talks about the dangers of leather office chairs, Zelda life choices, burritos and a conversation with Quantum Leaps Scott Bakula! Though I am not certain the latter happened in real life. I think the cake batter liquor and his partners in crime the Lu Tang Clan got the best of him.



MHP 50% off For Hardcore Powerlifting Entries

MHPStrong.com is offering a 50% discount to all Hardcore Powerlifting pro competitors!

From the day you sign-up to lift, through April 30th, you can purchase any and all MHP nutritional supplements at 1/2 the suggested retail price via the MHPStrong.com website.


Blogspot: Vince Machine Gun Urbank

Some guys just get it. If you notice in our Rx Girl section, Editor Gail Auerbach has tons of girls using the internet to market themselves. Whether they are looking for modeling gigs, industry jobs, sponsorship opportunities or are trying to get their name out for personal reasons, the girls in the health and fitness industry get it. Well, it's great to see one of the biggest names in U.S Strongman getting his name out there. This guy is now slouch. In 2011 he deadlifted in comeptition 906lbs, won several events at the Olympia Strongman Challenge and America's Strongest Man competitions as well as supporting his very lovely girlfriend in her powerlifting exploits. This former U.S. Marine has a ton on tap for 2012 and here is your chance to keep up with his day to day toilings in training and life. Follow Vince "Machine Gun" Urbank at his official blog: http://urbankstrong.blogspot.com/

Now It's Official: Brian Shaw wins 2011 WSM!

As if we didn't already know, Brian Shaw has won the 2011 World's Strongest Man title. Due to media blackouts, we were unable to officially announce his championship win until after the airing of ESPN in the U.S. I personally want to thank the asshats at WSM for treating the athletes as movie props and making the world wait until it was convenient for them to earn more money. Maybe we should have the Screen Actors Guild look into whether or not the athletes are actually actors (being directed how and when to move) vs performing as athletes? My best to Brian Shaw. Look for an actual interview with brian as he nears the 2012 Arnold Strongman Challenge to defend his title. 


Mike Jenkins New Gym and Arnold Prep

Mike Jenkins is happy and, best of all, healthy.

Jenkins, a resident of Harrisburg, is eager for his next major strong man competition; after forcing to withdraw from the World's Strongest Man event in late September due to a back injury.

He's also been doing some other heavy lifting of late; Jenkins has been busy opening up a new training facility in Lower Paxton Township, called Catalyst Athletics at 13 Stripes Cross Fit gym.


ESPN Changes WSM Scheduling AGAIN!

You gotta love the programming over at ESPN this time of year. Well, if you are a basketball fan, it's just fine. If you could give a flying fuck and would rather stick forks in your eyes.... then the challenge is there. ESPN execs decided to move the 2011 Worlds Strongest Man coverage, not once, but twice. Those of us in the U.S. who had their DVR's set for this past Tuesdays announced coverage were sorely disappointed to instead see Appalatian State Tech A&M take on William Jefferson Technical Provocial High School JV squad in yet, another round ball classic! 


Strongman Fitness Will Make Debut at the Arnold in 2013

When one thinks of a strongman, visions of great men of myth and legend like Hercules, Samson and Milo probably come to mind. In the modern era ASC strongman like Marshall White, Michael Burke, Brian Shaw, Vincent Urbank and many others fit the bill. But, let’s be honest who among us towers over 6’4” tall and weighs in at 330 + pounds?

So what about the rest of the world? “Stature is not the only determining factor of great strength or zeal for competition,” says ASC President Dione Wessels. “I am a 5’2” woman. I was a National champion strongwoman and World championship power lifter. I love and have dedicated my life to strength sports. With that being said, ASC is proud to announce that the first Strongman Fitness Championship will take place at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2013.”


Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships; March 2 & 4, 2012

Join us March 2nd & 4th for the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships.  For more information contact 314-565-5970 or 803-414-7492 or you can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

World's Strongest Man First Ever Trainer Certification

The World’s Strongest Man and The World’s Strongest Man Affiliate Program are proud to announce the first ever World’s Strongest Man Trainer Certification. The Certifications will be taught by two of the world’s strongest men. Nick Best will be teaching the WSM Certification at The Edge 2.0 Strongman Training Center located in Virginia on February 11th and 12th. Derek Poundstone will be teaching the WSM Certification in his own brand new Poundstone Performance Center on February 11th and 12th.

Both men are two of America’s strongest and the last competition for both was The World’s Strongest Man 2011.

Anyone interested in learning what strength really is and how to get stronger… this is your chance.

You will learn everything from grip strength, log work, tires, kegs, yolks, etc. Programming and nutrition will be discussed in detail as well as contest preparation and all other aspects of strongman training.


For more information, please visit the WSM Affiliate website: www.thewsmaffiliateprogram.com

World's Strongest Man Experience – visiting Finland in April 2012

In April 2012, Finland will host a WSM Experience at the medieval castle of Hämeenlinna.

Continuing the success of WSM Experience, United Strongmen™ will bring WSM Experience to Finland in 2012 and 2013.  Jyrki Rantanen, the United Strongman founder adds that the 2012 event will be very special and exclusive due it´s historical venue.

WSM Experience features 8 Strongman competing in a head to head format. Athlete line up, WSM events and ticket information will follow shortly.

King of the Castle – WSM Experience will take place on 21st April 2012 and further information will follow via the official WSM Experience page http://www.theworldsstrongestman.com/wsm-events/wsm-experience/

Hardcore Powerlifting in 2012


We know what kind of show Sean Katterle and Hardcore Powerlifting can put on. Remember last year at the Ronnie Coleman show in Dallas, TX? That little skinny fella named Benedikt Magnusson flew in from European snow country and completed one of the most incredible athletic performances of all time in any sport? Ya, you remember... he deadlifted 1,015lbs with nary a concern. Well, in 2012 SeanZilla and the Hardcore Powerlifting series is back. MHP has increased their prize monies and Sean has added a second show in my hometown of Seattle, Wa!


Vince Urbank Makes December Cover of PL USA

"Congratulations to ASC professional Vincent Urbank on making the cover of the December issue of PL USA! Get the full details on the article and obtaining a subscription to PL USA here: http://www.powerliftingusa.com/current_issue.php" - Dione Wessels



LAURENCE SHAHLAEI steps up to the racetrack. It is 35C in the shade in a stadium in Istanbul and the 28-year-old from Gloucester is about to achieve the impossible: he picks up two huge cylinders in either hand, each weighing more than 330lb, walks up the track and back, picks up an even heavier weight and carries it to a stand, where he hoists it up and places it on top.


ESPN Revised TV Broadcast Schedule for 2011 World's Strongest Man

The ESPN broadcast schedule for the 2011 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man has changed . WSM 2011 will now be aired on the 14th January 2012.


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