Now It's Official: Brian Shaw wins 2011 WSM!

Waterbury’s Poundstone finishes 5th in world

Brian Shaw of Colorado is the 2011 World's Strongest Man. (Steve Valenti photo)

The Colorado native won the title at Wingate University, in Wingate, North Carolina, in dramatic fashion, winning the sixth and final event of the two-day final, the Atlas Stones, to claim the championship. A runner-up in 2010, Shaw finished with 50 points, just ahead of the two-time defending champion, Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania (46). The two were tied after five events and went head-to-head in the stones. Shaw, who stands 6-9 and weighs 460 pounds, won that final event, and the title.

Waterbury’s Derek Poundstone overcame a disappointing first day to finish fifth overall in the competition. His previous best was second in 2008.

In today’s events, the first was the deadlift, starting at 770 pounds. Poundstone maxed out at 915 pounds, which was tied for fourth place. Savickas won at a remarkable 974 pounds.

In the log lift for reps, Poundstone completed seven reps (not sure of the weight), which tied him for second. The winner at 10 reps was Savickas, who is staging a great second-day rally.

In the Atlas Stones, Poundstone was able to lift and place four of the five stones. He finished seventh in that event.

Here are Poundstone’s six final results:

Frame Carry
826 pounds – 55 feet – 7th place
Tire Carry
1,000 pounds (25 meter straight run) – 19.59 sec., 5th place
Truck Pull
27 meters – 5th place
770 pounds at start – lifted 915, 4th place
Log Lift
seven reps – 2nd place
Atlas Stones
Placed 4 of 5 – 7th place

Here are Shaw’s:

Frame Carry
826 pounds – 27 seconds – 4th place
Tire Carry
1,000 pounds (25 meter straight run) – 14.36 sec., 2nd place
Truck Pull
63 seconds – 2nd place
770 pounds at start – lifted 952, 2nd place
Log Lift
Five reps – 4th place
Atlas Stones
Placed 5 of 5 – 1st place

The final standings (unofficial) and point totals:

1 – Brian Shaw, USA, 50
2 – Zydrunas Savickas, Lithuania, 46
3 – Terry Hollands, UK, 43
4 Lawrence Shahlaei, UK, 36.5
5 – Derek Poundstone, USA, 32
6 – Thor Bjornsson, Iceland, 29.5
6 – Vytautas Lalas, Lithuania, 29.5
8- Mike Jenkins, USA, 26.5
9 – Stefan Solvi-Petursson, Iceland, 23.5
10 – Ervin Katona, Serbia, 6.5

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