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Bios & Interviews

Chris Zimmerman - Violate the Dress Code

 CHRIS-ZIMMERMAN“Violate” has hats, shirts, leggings and just about any other piece of apparel you can think of to look good both in the gym and out.



Exclusive Interview with NPC Bodybuilder: Charles Griffen

CHARLES-GRIFFEN-SLIDEAt this year’s USA Championships third place finisher in the Heavyweight division Charles Griffen fell just short of earning his IFBB Pro card. Yet instead of wallowing in self-pity like so many competitors who failed to graduate onto the ranks of the IFBB, Griffen embraced the challenge with a shrug and a smile...


IFBB Pro Carrie Simmons: August 2015 Rx Muscle Member of the Month


Carrie Simmons aka carrie ann simmons is an IFBB Pro Women's Physique competitor and aerial performer. She has been a member of Rx Muscle Forums since day one and is a self-described "huge Palumbo fan," stating, "He actually helped me in 2006 when I won the NY Metropolitan and took 2nd at Jr. USA as a middleweight BBer." Let's learn more about Carrie Simmons!


Jovann Rushing: Limitless

JOVAN-RUSHING 1Truth be told, no measure of greatness, either in life or bodybuilding, has ever been achieved while residing within the confines of our comfort zone.


Adam Weinberg: 4 Decades of Bodybuilding


I'm one of these people that is not only a competitor, but I'm a true fan of the sport. I follow the history of it from the Weider brothers - to the present era.


Pedro Gomes - Living the Dream in Macau

pedrogomesGrowing up I was always fat and chubby and never saw my abs, so I started the sport of bodybuilding when I was 18 and felt the need of change of a better healthy and fit lifestyle.


IFBB Pro Dre Dillard Dares to Challenge Greatness

dre-sliderWhen she earned her pro card at the 2013 Masters Nationals after nearly a decade removed from the stage, Dre Dillard came face-to-face with resistance, stared it in the eye, and did what anyone who's ever dared to challenge greatness has done – embrace it.