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Bryans' X-Mas List: APT Pro Wrist Wraps



Every strength athlete needs a few specific devices in his gym bag for those heavy days. No, not tampons for THOSE heavy days, but bar bending, joint smunching days. One of my favorite wrap companies is Inzer. They have been doing it a super long time and have perfected several different types based on the need and type of exercise being performed.


Bryans' X-Mas List: Bulletproof Biohacking



While on the outside I may come across as a big ol' meathead (right Marshall?) but in reality, I am kind of bright fella. This next gift idea is something that is next level kind of stuff for me. Combining the metaphysical with real dietary ideology based on practical application over millenia is the kind of stuff that may lead us to even further superiority in the coming years.

The Bulletproof Executive introduces the first ever Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. A what? Well, I will let them tell you:


Bryans' X-Mas List: Deadlift Platforms for Planet Fitness Locations



It is my wish to not only have wonderful gifts bestowed upon me by my millions of followers from around the world... but to give back in this time of uncertainty in the fitness culture. When Planet Fitness emerged on the scene as the ani-christ for true fitness enthusiasts, one very common theme emerged from their marketing - No Judgement Zones. Free of people who might make you feel uncomfortable, Planet Fitness has essentially ensured through a series of ad campaigns and in house tattle tale devices, that people like you and I are not welcome in their facilities. They have made it clear it is a maven for fatties to eat gym provided pizza, tootsie rolls and bagels. No Judgement... unless you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman or someone who looks like they lift heavy things for fun.


Kippups first? Hell no. Strength first.



I found this article and this is where I stand with Crossfit as a whole. Learn the basics and develop a foundation FIRST, then move on to movements that rely on your ability to learn how to cheat to be effective and speedy. Thanks to Collective Fitness.com out of Australia for this article:
Our Moonee Ponds personal trainers often get asked how to do a kipping pull up, kipping muscle ups and kipping knee to elbows? Our answer is always the same, “can you do 10 strict pull ups, 10 strict dips, 10 strict HSPU, and 10 strict knee to elbows (actually getting your knee to your elbow)?” Then we get started on achieving those milestones which is no easy task in itself. It all starts with strength.


Bryans' X-Mas List: Favorite Sammich!



You can make an arguement about the next one pretty easily, but for me, there is only one choice when it comes to my favorite Chicken Sandwich. I could give a fuck about the Gay vs Christian battle that ensued recently. I see both sides of the arguement. Chik-Fil- A makes sandwiches and supports organizations not everyone is going to agree with. Gay rights groups certainly didn't like those choices and staged a "sit out" and encouraged others to join them in boycotting Chik-Fil-A in that effort.


Bryans' X-Mas List: Safety Squat Bar



Don't let the four points of contact fool you, a Rogue Safety Squat Bar doesn't mean squatting will be any easier.
The weight distribution is unique to this bar. Training with the Rogue Safety Squat bar is known to tax your anterior chain; the weight distribution falls between the front squat and the high-bar back squat to vary your power output training. This bar is a safer option for intense squat progressions or maximum load lifts.This bar is known to increase your maximum working weight when compared to the traditional back squat.


Bryans' X-Mas List: Lift Big Eat Big



The boys and girls at Lift Big Eat Big (LBEB) have come up with a marketing idea that is brilliant in our little circle. Lifting Big goes without saying. We all go to the gym to train our biggest and best every day to consistently improve ourselves. Eat Big goes without saying, but often times gets a bad rap for WHAT kinds of foods we are eating. At LBEB eating big and eating right combined with training big and training right is where it's at.



Bryans' X-Mas List: WoW Straps



Lenny Cjr hooked up with me on Facebook and asked me to check out his new product, one ina series for products called the W.O.W Strap. At first, i though thow can anyone improve on the simplicty if the lifting strap? Every gym douche in the country has a set of harbingers they gto from their local Dick's Sporting Goods and those in the know have Rehboks, Andersons, APT, Versa GRips, etc.


New Nike Romaleos 2: Gotta Have



The Nike Romaleos 2 is newly designed for 2012. Nike made this high end weightlifting shoe even better by shaving 50 grams off the weight and increasing the forefoot flex.
Exclusive Nike contoured TPU heel wedge cups heel and supports foot to provide unmatched lifting stability

Integrated lacing and double power straps lock foot firmly in place

Supportive, durable upper materials and construction

Oustole designed to minimize wear in the heel


Kristin Rhodes Breaks Guinness World Record


Krsitin Rhodes, 5 times America's Strongest Woman and this years newly crowned 2012 Worlds Strongest Woman sets another standard in strength sports. Dionne Wessels, President of the American Strongman Corporation has just informed me that:


Marshall White the Author? Preparing for Game Day



As a pro strongman I have been competing for a long while now. I've done competitions all over America and in many different countries. I've learned that every competition is going to be different so I have to be ready for any situation.I'd like to tell y'all some of my tips and tricks that can possibly help you out when heading to your future competitions.

First thing to remember is you are going to need all of your gear at the competition. What I have found to be of utmost importance is to carry your gear (lifting shoes, singlet, spandex, etc) on the plane with you if you are flying. In 2009 I traveled to Bucharest, Romania to compete in a World's Strongest Man Super Series, unfortunately I checked all of my gear and it never arrived. I had to go purchase new shoes, underwear, socks, etc etc. I also had to borrow a belt and wrist wraps. After learning this lesson I now carry all my gear in a bag on to the plane with me, inside of the same bag I put all of my supplements as well so I make sure I have my pre workout stuff before the competition. If you don't think you can carry all your gear on with you or if you have kids and need the bag space for toys and all that at a very minimum put your oly shoes in and wrap your belt around the outside of the bag and buckle it.


Robert Oberst, Hollywood Celeb?



Robert Oberst a Hollywood Celebrity? He sure has poised himself in a position to lately. Robert at 6' 8" and 400lbs is not your average hunky hollywood heart throb on the cover of Teen Beat and GQ magazine. He is however utilizing his attitude, his physical presence and his fortitude toward constant inprovement to jockey for opportunities.



2013 MET-Rx Odd Haugen Strength Classic


Staged at the Los Angeles FitExpo, the 2013 MET-Rx Odd Haugen Strength Classic will offer a strongman competition, a grip competition and what Haugen is calling a “strongman combat challenge.”

The All-American Strongman contest will feature a truck pull or front squat, farmer’s walk, Viking press, deadlift, super yoke and loading.  Traditionally, the winner of this contest has been invited to the Arnold, although that slot is still being negotiated, according to the event's initial press release.


2012 America's Strongest Man Athletes


15 Veterans and rookies will be competing in Vegas for the coveted ASM title and RxMusle will be right there every step of the way. You want strongman coverage in the U.S.? You aren't going to find interviews, video footage and behind the scenes access to this countries pre-eminent strength event anywhere but RxMuscle. Bryan Hildebrand Editor in Chief of Strength Central returns to America's Strongest Man to bring you what no one else does: hardcore, brutal gut wrenching coverage! Are you going to find this on Muscular Development? Nope. How about Flex online? Nope. Only here on RX!


2012 WSM Athlete Groupings


The 2012 Worlds Strongest Man athlete groupings have been put together and made public. It appears a ncie distribution of talents across the five groups, none with a wildly stacked advantage or disadvantage. Group One has American Derek Poundtsone and Lithuania's 2x WSM winner Zydrunas Savickas and 2011 Arnold Amateur winner Mateus Baron from Poland in what should be a rather obivous outcome.

Group Two has Americans Nick Best and Arnold Strongman Classic winner Mike "Mr Incredible" Jenkins paired with four others from around the world. In that group are two very up and comers, Thor Bjornsson and Sebatian Kurek. Group Three sees reigning WSM champion Brian Shaw paired with Misha Koklyev amongst othgers. Group four sees Ervin Katona and Vytautus Lalas as the top of thet group. The final group of Five has an interesting match up with American Mike Burke, Krzysztof Radzikowki and Terry Hollands who is coming off a biceop strain a month or so ago.

Stay tuned for more as it comes available...



World's Strongest Man Events Released



The Worlds Strongest Man organizers have finally released the events that the contestants will have to forge their way through to gather a spot in the final 10. The events are not too out of charactor for the event, but the finals look to have changed up some from previous years. Where the Atlas Stones were always a fan favorite, the results were often very very predictable aside from the odd side by side stone for stone race by two top competitors.


RxMuscle Welcomes New Hosts: The RX Power Hour: Strength Radio


RxMuscle is proud to announce and welcome new hosts for the revamped Rx Power Hour. RxMuscle Strength Central Editor in Chief Bryan Hildebrand and Vice President of the American Strongman Corporation Mike Johnston are teaming up to bring listeners an entirely new approach to strength radio.

The new Rx Power Hour: Strength Radio program will air Thursday evenings on RxMuscle radio. Mike Johnston who has traveled the world as a Strongman promoter is also an accomplished competitive powerlifter while Bryan Hildebrand is a former Strongman, Powerlifter and Highland Games competitor. Mike and Bryan will put their collective knowledge of training, nutrition, rehabilitation and their vast network of athletes, celebrities and promoters into a fun and educational radio format.



Heat in Brazil at Arnold Amateur Takes It's Toll


Saturday, September the 8th, the Brazilian Qualifiers for the Arnold’s Amateur Strongman Championship took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were six competitors. The small number of athletes was expected, since this was the first time events were organized precisely following prescribed equipment measures, procedures and rules from the American Strongman.

September the 8th was, surprisingly, the second hottest day of the year (it is still officially winter in Brazil). The temperature reached over 89F.



Worlds Strongest Man Athlete List Released





Radzikowski wins Polands Giants Live


Poles sweep podium in Kartuzy. However the points dont tell a story of Polish domination but rather a tale of a very close battle all day. For positions 1st to 7th place the athletes were separated by less than 10 points overall. This was a very close contest indeed. Sadly, Mark Felix and Darren Sadler suffered bicep injuries (not major) 1. Radzikowski (POL), 2. Mateusz Baron (POL) 3. Sebastian Kurek (POL) Louis Phillipe Jean (CAN) Misha Koklyaev (RUS) Jerry Pritchett (USA) Adam Scherr (USA) Sebastian Davidsson (SWE) Darren Sadler (UK) Mark Felix (UK) The World's Strongest Man 2012 athlete line up will be announced shortly.


MILO: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes


The September issue of MILO: A Journal For Serious Strength Athletes is working its way through the mail to subscribers; copies are available in the IronMind e-store as well: people, training, contests, history . . . Olympic weightlifting, strongman, grip strength, stone lifting and more.


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