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2012 Arnold Strongman Classic

2012 Arnold Strongman Classic

The Arnold Strongman Classic annually features the world’s top strongman professionals in a two-day competition to determine the world’s strongest man. 2011 champion Brian Shaw of Colorado, who also won the 2011 World's Strongest Man competition, will be back to defend his title. He will face a field that is likely to include 2011 runner-up Mike Jenkins of Baltimore; six-time champion Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania, who finished third in 2011; and two-time Arnold Strongman Classic champion Derek Poundstone of Waterbury, Conn.


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Derek Poundstone: Overcomes a Serious Back Injury

(The following is an account of Derek Poundstone's attempt to win the World's Strongest Man contest in North Carolina, USA, in September 2011. There were nine other athletes in the finals of the competition, but the Waterbury Observer focused primarily on Poundstone because he lives in Waterbury, Connecticut. He's our strongman. In tribute to the other athletes we've included several images of their attempts to bring home the championship to their hometown, or country. It was an historic competition.)


2011 World Olympic Weightlifting Championships in Paris

The World Olympic Weightlifting Championships are taking place at the Disney Village just outside Paris, France November 5th - 13th. Teams from around the world are competing for the coveted title of World Champion. Heavy favorites coming into the weeks events include a powerful Chinese team as well as the Turkish and Kazakhstan contingencies. Completed thus far are the Womens 48 & 53kg classes as well as the Mens 56 & 62kg classes.


Women's Weight Room Injuries On The Rise


Women are hitting the weight room in record numbers, and a new study found that weight-training injuries among women have jumped a whopping 63 percent. Here are the most common slipups and how to fix them, so you leave the gym strutting — not limping.

The mistake: skipping your warm-up.


The Hollywood Critique: FAILURE.

I was excited to start writing for RX last year. My first column was a success in my mind and Dave really liked the style. The Second one....eh, not so much. The exact reply I got back was "Were you drunk?" I replied, " Yes" with the mandatory " ha..ha" just because I knew things were going south quickly. Dirty South. Couple that with the missed opportunity at commentating with Bryan Hildebrand at the Arnold Classic this year and you can go ahead and mark those two down boldly in the - Yet ANOTHER wasted opportunity category.


USAPL Lone Star RAW Challenge 2011


 USAPL Lone Star RAW Challenge 2011

 Saturday, October 29, 2011
 Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center – Temple, TX



BREAKING NEWS From Worlds Strongest Man!

Unconfirmed sources have indicated that Brian Shaw has won the 2011 Worlds Strongest Man Title in Wyngate, NC. Brian, tied going into the last event, the Atlas Stones, beat Zydrunas Savickas handily. This spells redemption for Shaw since his tie at the 2010 WSM against the two time champion, Savickas was decided by a countback. Additional details as they become available.

Also, in disheartening news, Rx Muscle Bros vs Pros veteran and first time WSM competitor Mike Jenkins suffered an injury in the deadlift event. The injury, apparently not severe none-the-less caused him to withdraw from competition. We at Rx Muscle wish him a speedy recovery.



MHP Olympia Strongman Recap

With the 2011 Olympia Strongman Challenge now inked into the annals of strength athletic lore, rabid fans will note the surprise victor and wonder, what does it mean? The new champion maintained perseverance to snare his first of what will surely be, his first of many victories. Many fans of the strength brethren thought this event would be lacking in excitement, athleticism and depth as so many of the top strongmen in the U.S. Were contesting their skills on an international platform. But know this; Michael Burke served notice that he is someone not to be taken lightly.

At this years Mr Olympia expo, fans of gym spun events took hold in Las Vegas once again to see the best in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, powerlifting and of course, strongman. The expo hall was packed with vendors from every corner of the country hawking their wares. Thousands of fans stopped in at the strongman arena to watch as 12 of the top strongmen in the country battled their way through eight grueling events.



2011 Olympia Strongman Challenge Preview

Fresh off the heals of the amazing and record setting America's Strongest Man in Hot Springs just more than a month ago, The American Strongman Corporation is primed to present the Mr. Olympia Strongman Challenge. This fabled event is in its 3rd year of life during the biggest bodybuilding weekend on the planet, The IFBB Mr. Olympia contest. If Hot Springs is any indication of what kinds of performances are expected from these amazing athletes, strongman fans in Las Vegas will be far from disappointed.

This years events will be contested on September 16 and 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center as one of many fan friendly events encompassing the weekend. On Friday the 16th at 1:00pm, the ASC kicks things off with an introduction of their athletes followed immediately by the first of four events for the day. Last year saw thousands of fans packing every corner of the venue to see these Behemoth Americans display guts and determination as they try to tackle some of the sports most difficult challenges.



Donnie Thompson totals 3000!!!!

Powerlifting Watch is reporting this morning that Super Heavyweight Donnie Thompson competed on Sunday August 21st at the SPF Pro/Am in Covington, KY. Donnie finished the day with a 1265lb squat, 950lb bench and a 785 deadlift. He is the first man in any organization total 3,000lbs in a single 3 lift meet.


2-Man Team Strongman: USA vs Russia

American Strongman Corporation Pro's and fellow Texan's Travis Ortmayer and Andy Vincent returned home victorious after winning the Pacific Strong Strongman Championships. The contest was held in Vladivostok which the Russia's Misha Koklyaev and Alexander Klyushev represented the Russian contingency by winning two of the four events contested. The American athletes were delayed getting into the country with visa issues. The contest was supposed to take place on Saturday, but was delayed until Sunday within just a few hours after arriving into the city.


2011 America's Strongest Man Review


While this year's Americas Strongest Man has come and gone, the lasting impressions of the athletes certainly have not. With tremendous performances by a few athletes making their Pro debut to the grizzled veterans showing the young bucks they still “got game”. The American record in the Axle Clean and Press was broken by a guy who only competes in strongman part time and the production value for the fans in Hot Springs, Arkansas was second to none.

Those familiar with strongman or any weight lifting sport know that equipment breaks, athletes wander off, fans get into areas of the event that they shouldnt be, amongst other potential pitfalls. The production team from American Strongman Corporation, the organization responsible for the August 5th and 6th event, set forth a perfectly executed extravaganza. The fans at the Summit Arena were engaged and engrossed in the physical accomplishments these athletes could do. They were even more impressed by how the athletes were showcased and individualized in a way that gave each athlete their own time to shine.







Brandon Cass: Power Personified


At the 2011 Hardcore Powerlifting Federation event Kings of the Bench V and Clash of the Titans IV, promoter Sean Katterle introduced me to a guy who I had witnessed pull a clean 825lb deadlift. Only later, when I stood with him, did I realize he weighs in at under 230lbs! Brandon Cass, of Cass Strength Systems is a world record holder in the deadlift and holds two event records at rhe K of B and C of T competitions. This guy is hanging with some of the greatest deadlifters of all-time at a bodyweight easily 100lbs lighter. With a total of more than 2,000lbs in a raw meet, who can argue he isn't doing something right.


Worlds Strongest Man 2011 U.S. Invites Released


A big congratulations to the top American's invited to the 2011 World's Strongest Man at Wyngate University, North Carolina later this September. Listed are the just released invite list:

Brian Shaw: This mountain of a man showed what he is cabale of by winning the 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic, Giants Live and the Philadelphia MHP event, and thats just for this year. In addition he was the runner-up at the WSM in 2010. Certainly brian is the favorite coming into this years event.

Derek Poundstone: Former America's Strongest Man, Arnold Strongman Classic champion is just resuming training after a 6 months layoff to rehab a nagging vertebral injury. His recent training video releases and photos show that he is not far off the great shape he always displays.




Extreme Power TV APF Raw Atlanta


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The Ultimate Powerlifting Championships, Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alanta, Ga. Wyndham Peachtree City Conference Center.

2443 Highway 54 West Peachtree City, Georgia 30269

770-487-2000 Reservations: 877-999-3223




America's Strongest Man Preview

The American Strongman Corporation brings its annual strength festival to Hot Springs, Arkansas to determine who reigns supreme in American Strongman competition. The 2011 version will be missing a few key combatants. Namely, Brian Shaw, ASC Pro strongman and winner of the this years Arnold Strongman Classic. Brian took out arguably the strongest man on the planet, Zydrunas Savickas and 8 other champions en route to his impressive win.


2011 America's Strongest Man Competitors List

Hot Springs, Arkansas – With less then 3 weeks to go the ASM 2011 competitor list is growing.

The question on everyone’s mind is will there be a new America’s Strongest Man in 2011? The confirmed list has 15 athletes so far and they will be competing for the largest prize package in ASC history. “The total prize value is $25,000K which includes $15K in cash awards,” said ASC President Dione Wessels, “Athletes will have meals and hotel rooms paid for and the winners will receive prize money payments at the show.”


USAPL Summerfest: Branch Warren Classic

The Branch Warren Classic and the USAPL bring you Summer Powerfest 2011, this weekend in Spring, Tx. This event will be held at the Legends Sports Complex in conjunction with the Branch Warren Classic NPC Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini event. This hugely popular event located just outside Houston has attracted the states best athletes for several years now. The USAPL is a drug free organization that supports Raw and Equipped lifting at its sanctioning events. RxMuscle.com will be there covering this event from start to finish.


A Young Bull and an Old Bull are Standing on a Hill


Anyone who reads anything newsworthy on the internet knows the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Dick, a pursuant father with a dream to give everything he can to his son who suffers from spastic quadriplegia and cerebral palsy due to complications at birth. They knew at an early age Rick was cognitive, though practitioners said his condition was unsurvivable. After more than 10 years of struggle to give their son the same opportunities to other children:

In the spring of 1977, Rick told his father that he wanted to participate in a 5-mile benefit run for a Lacrosse player who had been paralyzed in an accident. Far from being a long-distance runner, Dick agreed to push Rick in his wheelchair and they finished all 5 miles, coming in next to last. That night, Rick told his father, "Dad, when I'm running, it feels like I'm not handicapped."



RAW Founder Al Siegel; Rest in Peace

Al Siegel, the foremost inspiration behind the RAW powerlifting concept as well as ADFPA, AAU and ADAU president and chairman has passed away at his home in Clearfield, PA.


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