World's Strongest Man First Ever Trainer Certification

The World’s Strongest Man and The World’s Strongest Man Affiliate Program are proud to announce the first ever World’s Strongest Man Trainer Certification. The Certifications will be taught by two of the world’s strongest men. Nick Best will be teaching the WSM Certification at The Edge 2.0 Strongman Training Center located in Virginia on February 11th and 12th. Derek Poundstone will be teaching the WSM Certification in his own brand new Poundstone Performance Center on February 11th and 12th.

Both men are two of America’s strongest and the last competition for both was The World’s Strongest Man 2011.

Anyone interested in learning what strength really is and how to get stronger… this is your chance.

You will learn everything from grip strength, log work, tires, kegs, yolks, etc. Programming and nutrition will be discussed in detail as well as contest preparation and all other aspects of strongman training.


For more information, please visit the WSM Affiliate website: www.thewsmaffiliateprogram.com

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