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The Official Line-Up for Clash of The Titans VII



The Official Line-Up for Hardcore Powerlifting’s Clash of The Titans VII at The Branch Warren Classic Expo (July 13th, Houston, TX)
Metroflex Gym Presents BOAD Apparel’s Clash of the Titans VII - Produced and Promoted by HardcorePowerlifting.com
The Branch Warren Classic Expo - Houston, Texas
1030AM till 130PM (Men & Woman’s Max Lifting followed by the Women’s 315 Pound Deadlift for Reps and then the Men’s 500 Pound Deadlift for Reps Challenge)


Europe's Strongest Man Results and ReCap



Following a spectacular event in 2012, Giants Live returned again to Headingley Carnegie, home of the Leeds Rhinos Rugby League team, for the 2013 Europe’s Strongest Man contest. With well in excess of six thousand spectators in attendance, none of the crowd left disappointed as the competitors put on another awe-inspiring display. With an absolutely stacked field, this was unquestionably the finest ever gathering of strongmen on British soil. As would be expected for as prestigious a title as this, it was a ‘Who’s Who’ of European strongmen.


IHGA at the California Celtic Classic



The entire lineup has been announced for the 2013 California Celtic Classic World Highland Games & Festival who is this years host of the 2013 IHGF Pro World Highland Games Championships this August in Dana Point, California.


The World’s Strongest Diet: A Journey to the 2013 Worlds Strongest Man



As I type this, my clients are in the midst of their prep for the 2013 Worlds Strongest Man contest. Brian Shaw, the 2011 Worlds Strongest Man Champion will be our reference point through this weekly series of articles, along with an additional client who will be qualifying for World’s Strongest Man over the course of the next couple of weeks.


When a client is involved in strength sports, specifically Pro Strongman, several unique challenges will be present throughout my nutrition guidance with the athlete. Strongman involves numerous aspects in order to be competitive. Strength is a given. But we aren’t talking normal strength.


Metty Speaks: Dimension in Contest Prep



A hugely exciting week for the US strongman/woman community (of which I feel a part of); The event weights for the 2013 NAS Nationals were announced. After the Arnold Strongwoman Fitness World Championships, I knew I had to re-focus and fine tune my game if I wanted to have any chance at realising my goal of top three in 2014. The week NAS announced the nationals weights, I completed the “mobilisation” of my team to lead me into the 2013 Americas Strongest Women qualifier for the 2014 Arnold Classic. Jill Mills is on my strength/Event programming and mental game, Simon Colley on my Speed/Agility and I will be working with the best (proven) athlete nutritionists in Australia, Jon Davie. Essentially all of this means, that I will not need to think about any part of my prep (too much) rather, I will just do.


Zydrunas Savickas Gets First Win in 2013 in Holland SCL!



Zydrunas Savickas made his 2013 season debut most impressive as he attacked his  own world record in the log lift and managed to hold off the Icelandic freight train known as Hafthor Julius Bjornsson for the victory—but not before “Thor” notched a world record of his own.

Zydrunas Savickas opened his 2012 strongman season with a world record attempt in the Log Lift at the MHP Strongman Champions League–Holland and you can see how close he came to succeeding with the 221-kg lift. IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.


The Cruel Tragedy Of The Iron Sheik



His voice was instantly recognizable, like that of a long lost friend. But it was a joyless voice, and sounded a bit feeble.

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, is 73, and is in pain. He badly needs knee surgery that he can't afford, but if the truth is to be told, every joint on his body could use fixing. A lifetime in wrestling, amateur and professional, will do that to a man. So Vaziri, better known as the evil pro wrestler, "The Iron Sheik," would on this day rather sit in his chair and let the hours pass by than talk about his life.


Mike Burke Wins Giants Live 2013 In Budapest



2012 America's Strongest Man Mike Burke is reported to have won the Giants Live Budapest event. This win gives him his invite to this years Worlds Strongest Man which will take place in Sanya, China this August 27th. More as it becomes available.


Meddy Speaks: Will a long distance athlete/coach relationship work for you?



The greatest thing in life is finding someone who knows all about you and your mistakes, and still see’s the best in you ~ unknown

Of utmost importance…you must be able to trust your coach. Afterall, you are putting your welfare in their hands. Find someone who you click with and if you decide to hire them, it is very important to do 100% of what they prescribe. If you can not for some reason it is important to immediately communicate any complications so the problem can be identified and progress can continue. Following 50% of any program will give you 50% results ~ Jill Mills


USA V Russia, in Siberia... Nets a 4-3 Loss for the Americans



The "American Goon Squad" of Pro Strongmen - Andrew "Fear the Beard" Palmer, Marshall "The Mechromancer" White, "He"-Dan Harrison, and John "The Rookie" Posen faced off against a very powerful and determiend Russian contingency, but in the end, it went the way of Mother Russia. The boys competed in 7 events and were tied going into the final event, however the four-some couldnt quite pull it out.


2013 Americas Strongest Man, Olympia Weekend - Event List.



The 2013 version of Americas Strongest Man will take place once again during the Mr. Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept 26th - 29th. Last year saw Mike Burke from Colorado travel overnight from Los Angeles where he had just missed qualifying for the finals at Worlds Strongest Man and domiante a very diverse field for his first ASM win. This year, Worlds Strongest Man takes place an entire 6 weeks prior ot the ASM and the field should be deep in top Americans like Derek Poundstone, Brian Shaw, Mike Jenkins, Mike Burke, Nick Best, Robert Oberst, Marshall White, Mike Caruso, Andrew Palmer and many many more.


Giants Live in Back in Budapest, June 22.



Giants Live are back at Aquaworld in Budapest the weekend of the 22nd of June. The returning champion Akos Nagy will be taking on a host of top internationalists including Mike Burke from the USA and Ed Hall of England. The athletes are to be treated to a fairly special weekend. Not only is the Ramada Aquaworld resort one of Hungary's finest holiday locations but the athletes will be treated to a special visit to the Hungarian Parlaiment hosted by Mr Gabor Balogh, Advisor of the Prime Minister on Sport Relations and Policy. Mr Balogh is himself a multiple World Champion and Olympic medallist in Modern Pentathlon. This rare honour has been kindly created by the Hungarian Tourist Board.


Metty Speaks: Politics in Sport



Come To Me with the Solution, Not With the Problem - said every effective manager that I have had in the 13 years that I have worked for the state Government.

We see and hear of “politics” all the time in sports such as strongman and powerlifting and to be entirely honest most of what I see and hear is what I would refer to as “low-brow bitching” rather than legitimate politics. bitching does not equal politics! So moving right along from that because simply stating what is not working or what we do not like about someone or something WILL NOT ever solve the problem. In this article I want to draw attention to successful governance principles and outline the key principles that underlie one of the most valuable companies in the world- Apple.


2013 NAS Nationals Returns Home To Tejas!



“October 18 & 19, 2013 with the North American Strongman Inc. National Championships, Americaʼs Strongest Woman and 105 Kg Pro Americaʼs Strongest Man®! This will also be the 2-year Anniversary of Chad Smithʼs ownership of Smittyʼs and he promises one rip roaring good time, with BBQ and 'live' music after the show!,” said ASC’s Mike Johnston.


Metty Speaks: Harness Your Drive



People participate in their sport for a variety of reasons and it is fascinating to listen to athletes talk about their sport, up-coming contests and their goals - guaranteed just by listening, you will gain insight into that athletes motivation. I have had contact with athletes from varying disciplines including fighters, bodybuilders, strongmen, powerlifters and track athletes and it is intriguing to have discussions with fellow athletes about inner drive – what makes us do what you do? There is a lot of research on this subject matter and generally it is suggested that athletic motivation falls into the two major categories; intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


Lithuania Tribune Interview with Zydrunas Savickas



The UK’s largest sport, fitness and nutrition exhibition ‘BodyPower Expo’ (BPE) has interviewed the World’s Strongest Man and the pride of Lithuania – Žydrūnas Savickas. The Lithuania Tribune is happy to share this interview with its readers.

Žydrūnas Savickas, the World’s Strongest Man (WSM), has spoken exclusively to the BodyPower Expo 2013 team. Widely rated as one of the greatest strongman competitors of all time, Lithuanian-born Savickas – also known as the Big Z – will be demonstrating his technique along with fellow WSM athletes, Darren Sadler and Svend Karlson, in the SuperGym session at the show. The Big Z, a legend in his own lifetime, has broken an incredible 40 world records.


2013 Odd Haugen Strength Classic Strongman Challenge



The Odd Haugen Strongman Challenge is a NAS Platinum Plus Level contest OPEN to all qualified NAS member athletes. The top three athletes in each weight class will qualify for the 2012 NAS National Championship and the Champion will receive ASC Pro Card as well as a direct invite (entry fee waived) to the 2014 All American Strongman Challenge including travel reimbursements (flight or mileage) and hotel accommodations for two nights.


Strongman Hafthor Bjornsson To Play In The NFL?



Stampede Blue, the unofficial blog for the Indianapolis Colts reported that Jim Irsay, the team owner and CEO of the team has expressed via Twitter he is interested in the 6' 9" 420lb Icelander to play Nose Guard in Indy. Bjornsson who placed third at the 2012 Worlds Strongest Man peaked the curiosity of Irsay when he compared his physical size with that of current NFL lineman on Twitter:


As You Think So Shall You Become





Andy Vincent and Robert Oberst Shine in Vegas Highland Games



Francis Brebner called the action at the Las Vegas Highland Games for IronMind and talking about action, there was plenty of it: Andy Vincent, Jake Sullivan and Jon O’Neil distinguished themselves in the pros and Robert “OB” Oberst made an impressive debut in the novice class.


Sin City Strongman IV - Giant's Live Qualifier



Nick and Callie Best are at it again - Holding their fourth annual Sin City Strongman Contest-The Giants Live USA’s Strongest Man.  The top two athletes in the Giants Live will qualify (and receive plane tickets accommodations and prize money) to a Giants Live Contest- and possibly The World’s Strongest Man competition.  Last year’s winner Jerry Pritchett, made his debut appearance at WSM, now the 2 strongest North American’s will have that same opportunity.


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