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The 2014 Canadian Bodybuilding Federation Nationals Take Over Edmonton, Alberta


On Saturdnatay, July 5, 2014, Edmonton, Alberta was host to the 2014 CBBF Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Physique Championships. This was the first of two Open National shows held in Canada every year and to date this was the largest with well over 470 of Canada's best competitors. Unlike the National level shows in the States, Canada only hands out approximately 17 IFBB Pro Cards each year, so to say that these competitors are ready to battle it out for not just Top spot, but the Overall spot would be an understatement. 



One-on-One Interview with the Legendary Dona Oliveira: Part 2-From Stage to Retirement to the Stage Again?

In Part 1 of this interview, Dona Oliveira te7humbalked about her past and how she got into the sport of bodybuilding. In Part 2, Dona opens up about her decision to retire and what life has been like since the day she left the stage.




One-on-One with the Legendary Dona Oliveira: Part 1- From Stage to Retirement to the Stage Again?


The world odonaof bodybuilding has been around for years. Legends have been made and dreams have been fulfilled. This is a sport that when fans are asked to name who is their favorite bodybuilder or who is well known to them, it never fails that a male is named. Yet, in the mix of all the men, there were a few brave and legendary female bodybuilders who held their own and created a path for women today who love the sport just as much as they did. These women proved that they belonged in this sport just as much as the men did. Through hard work, dedication and heart, they inspired women to follow in their path and pursue their dreams and aspirations in what was once a predominantly male sport, as well as prove that muscle is attractive on a female.

One legendary female bodybuilder, who competed in the peak era of the classic male physique, was Dona Oliveira. She, as well as Tonya Knight, Bev Francis and Cory Everson lead the way with no regrets and no turning back.



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