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Waxing Or Threading?

These days there arwaxe many different hair removal methods available, including tweezing, shaving, depilatories, laser procedures, waxing and threading. Many women opt for one of the last two methods mentioned because they are inexpensive and produce relatively long-lasting results. Both waxing and threading have also become so convenient that it is commonplace to see waxing & threading services at nail salons and in malls. As a matter of fact, the threading place I go to is located in a nearby mall.



Your Guide to Proper Supplementation to Fit Your Fitness Goals

Proper supplementation is ansupplements important aid in achieving your health and fitness goals. Without proper supplementation you may risk losing muscle gains or could be missing out on your fat burning potential! With all of the supplements out there it can be confusing and overwhelming on which supplements to take to get the most bang for your buck! In this article I’ll provide you with suggestions for supplements that will benefit you whether your fitness goals include bulking or leaning.

During a bulk cycle the goal is to gain and maintain lean muscle while gaining as little fat as possible. There are several supplements that you can take to promote protein synthesis, maximize anabolic cell growth and increase strength and endurance. For bulking, I suggest the following key supplements:





I know the title sounds kind lisaof morbid, but this is based on a real scenario and it happened during my college years! I have always been healthy except for a few miscellaneous issues that plague many such as seasonal allergies, colds, and all the famous childhood junk that most have gone through!

When we read about competitors and look at the photos of amazing examples of health and strength, we rarely imagine any of these individuals getting sick or having any kind of health challenge! It’s a challenge to stay motivated and train hard enough to compete, but imagine trying to train hard against a life threatening illness!

During my own life threatening illness and close brush with death, I didn’t think I’d ever live long enough to compete or even have a normal life at one point! Here is my story!



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