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Jasmin Ramirez Steps on the National Stage at the NPC North Americans!

Success in both life and bodybuildjazing isn’t a measurement of achievement. It’s a measurement of endurance. More often than not those we view as successful have achieved extraordinary results not just through effort alone, but having an unwavering focus that allows them to push themselves places they’ve never been by doing things they’ve never done.

Jasmin Ramirez has pushed herself to a place she’s never been and hopes to achieve something extraordinary by doing something she’s never done as she walks onto a National stage for the first time at the NPC North American Championships. Jasmin and I recently had a chance to catch up and discuss how her journey to the biggest stage of her career has taken across oceans, continents, and back again – and you can read all of the details right here, in this Rx Muscle exclusive interview.



Rx Girl: Nikola Weiterova, IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor!

Our next Rx Girl is an IFBB Pro Bikini comnicolapetitor from Slovakia and the city of Bratislava. She is only 22 years of age and a very promising athlete to count on in the future.
We welcome Nikola Weiterova for an interview with Rx Muscle. Enjoy!


Kahla Bullemor: “You can turn a dream into reality!”

kahlaIt happens at every show. A competitor seemingly comes from out of nowhere to give a scare to the veterans, putting themselves on the map in the process. At the 2014 Tampa Pro Show, that competitor was Kahla Bullemor. Kahla hadn’t done a pro show in years. Taking the time to perfect her physique, she knew a big show like Tampa would allow her to see if she could hang with the big girls, and hang she did. She place 4th in a crowded field and opened some eyes in the process. I spoke with Kahla some time ago to discuss her life as a female bodybuilder and what the sport means to her.



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