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Should You Do A Cleanse or Detox?


Many proponents ocleansef cleanses and detoxes state that they can completely eradicate a myriad of ailments, and that they should be done as regularly as one tunes up a car. I know most of you are probably thinking that a cleanse is probably not going to do much, since you already eat clean. What about a detox plan? Isn’t that the same as a cleanse? Actually, there is a distinction between a cleanse and a detox, but that distinction has gotten muddled due to the fact that the two terms, cleanse and detox, are often and inaccurately used interchangeably.


Creative Fit-Meal Creations: Weekly Meal Prep Recipes Made Quick and Easy for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Living a healthy and fit lifesmealtyle takes a lot of time, dedication and consistency. It can be hard to maintain this clean-eating lifestyle with the high demands of finding time for strength training, work, school, social and family life.

This week’s article features three recipes that can be made fast and easy, with little prep time, to aid the busy health and fitness enthusiast! Best of all, these recipes require five or less main ingredients and they are prepared in bulk so they can be easily stored for the week to help keep you on track!

Waking up early to prepare a wholesome breakfast is possibly one of the most difficult times of the day to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Many times we’re too busy trying to get our kids, spouses or ourselves ready to take on the day; or maybe you’re just trying to catch those last minutes of sleep from a busy yesterday!



How to Create a Healthier Relationship with Food!

In this article I’d like to go over sfoodome tips and things I have personally learned that have helped me have a healthier relationship with food, not just after a competition but eating habits for everyday life, during, and after competition prep. I will talk about how to help your mindset when it comes to eating certain foods or quantity of food and how to live a little and relax. I will also discuss overall eating habits.

I just want to share what I have learned and what has helped me, so maybe it can help you. Also this is a subject I feel a lot of people struggle with – and not just competitors but everyone – whether your goal is aesthetic or not. I was one of those people myself who went back and forth with my eating habits until I learned to recognize the difference and what was correct and not correct or “unhealthy”.



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