Rx Girl: Nikola Weiterova, IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor!

Our next Rx Girl is an IFBB P10352895 701880029848661 1021998956806029430 nro Bikini competitor from Slovakia and the city of Bratislava. She is only 22 years of age and a very promising athlete to count on in the future.
We welcome Nikola Weiterova for an interview with Rx Muscle. Enjoy!

Q: Nikola, could you please tell us about your training background and what made you to want to become a Pro Bikini athlete?
A: I was very active child and I had a lot of hobbies. Mostly I preferred dance. I was a dancer before I started with fitness. I had my own dance agency; I did all choreographies in every kind of dance styles. I won Miss Dance Slovakia 2010 and that was my last show as a dancer.

I came to the gym at the end of 2010 the very first time because I wanted to prepare for Miss Slovakia with a nomination to Miss International. But my coach introduced me to Fitness and new category in Europe – Bikini Fitness. Then I fell in love and said, YES, I would love to try it.
My first contest was a little show in a very small town in my country, which works as nomination for national competitions. And I won! I was very shocked and happy. After this I did also become a national champ. I continued by winning the overall European championship title and overall world championship title. Afterwards it was time for the Arnold Classic Europe and Arnold Classic international in Ohio. Guess what, I won both! All this happened in five years and as a reward I finally was awarded my Pro card. I have already competed in 11 Pro shows in the last two years.
I’m currently in the top 5 for Olympia 2014 qualification (by points). Keep fingers crossed!
(Additional info confirms that Nikola got her Bikini Olympia qualification and she’s competing.)

Q: What is the best thing about competinunnamedg and being on stage in your mind?
A: The best moment for me in this sport is that I’m responsible for my own progress. Not just in my appearance, but this sport and the work involved makes me better as a person. You need to have a lot of discipline and responsibility all day long. I'm sure I’m a stronger person than ever before. And I love that feeling on the stage when my months of long work bring me success. I’m happy and proud of myself that I can stand with all the top beautiful girls from all over the world in one line.

Q: If you got a donation of one million dollars to put in any project you wanted to, which project would it be and why? (It could be outside of the fitness industry also of course.)
A: If I got one million dollars I really would like to stay in the fitness industry with this money. Fitness has become my life. Not just working out, but I love to read about every new diet, food, workouts, nutrition, supplements, everything.
I have my own sport clothes brand but still is very small and just in my country. I would like to make my brand bigger. Also I respect and appreciate the work Chris Powell does. He helps people change their life. I would like to do this kind of business.

Q: Could you please tell us what your training split looks like?
M: legs and cardio
T: functional workout (all body) and cardio
W: my upper body – back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and cardio
T: functional plus cardio
F: legs
S: free day
S: functional plus cardio

Of course all depends on my actual shape and time until my next show. I did double workouts last month before my show. I play with time on cardio. On leg day it's about 45-60 minutes, but in upper body day it can be 90 minutes.
I also count Zumba or step aerobics as a cDSC05104 QLEVHEIUKXardio or any intensive workout.

Q: If I would open your fridge at this moment, while you are reading this, what would I find? Be honest. ;)
A: Lol :) I’m in Turkey now with my sparring partner. I combine double workouts, diet, tanning, and relax in my prep time for Olympia :) so in my hotel room fridge is honestly just a beer and water. You can guess what's mine. :) Btw, I never drink alcohol!

Q: In the round up, if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you want to add, please feels free to do so.
A: I would like to offer a very big thank you to my sponsor Amix Nutrition and my Amix Nutrition family. We are really a great team with my boos. ;) I had their big bro Dennis Wolf and the great Katka Kyptova (Woman's Physique Pro) and Milan Sadek :)
And I very much appreciate all my other sponsors such as Better Bodies and sponsors in my country Newbie, Samoan, Good Vibes Studio, Body Slim studio, etc. Also I would like to express my thanks to you, all media, organizations, judges, promoters, and people which are around us and make it possible for us to be on the stage.

Last but not least, I have to thank my coach, Alexander Visnevskiy (Russian bodybuilding pro legend and international judge).

And, of course, thanks to my unbelievablunnamed (2)e family and mom, mostly. She is my best friend and she stays next to me all the time. It's not easy having a pro athlete in a normal family. :)
Thank you and Rx for the interview.

Thank you for the interview, Nikola, and best wishes on this year’s Olympia stage from all of us at Rx Muscle!

To reach Nikola, search Facebook for “Nikola Weiterova IFBB Bikini”.


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