Golden Age of Men’s Physique?

The price of greatness is responsibility. Jr Nats Class A Top 5
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I’m in my supplement shop, NutriFit of Scottsdale, and watching Pumping Iron. Don’t act like you haven’t watched it before. Every single one of you probably watched it over and over again when you were younger and probably still do to this day. Anyway, I’m just coming back from a 3rd place finish at the Jr Nationals this weekend and one of the things I love most about competing are the friendships we form amongst the people we are stepping on stage against. A conversation I had with new IFBB Men’s Physique Pro and someone I now consider a friend, Alex Carneiro, about the Golden Age of bodybuilding is what led me to write this blog. The names you hear from that era are iconic…Lou Ferrigno, Frank Columbu, Serge Nubret, Robbie Robinson and of course Arnold. The best part about that time for them is that they were friends so they got to enjoy the ride together.

We now have that same opportunity to shape a completely new category and enjoy the ride TOGETHER…wherever it may lead us. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I stood on stage next to possibly the most difficult lineup of the season and heard the roar of the crowd I felt like Men’s Physique has finally arrived. I know there are some hardcore bodybuilding fans who say it’s a joke but I heard no one laughing this weekend. Now it’s about what are we going to do with it. I mean no disrespect saying this but there is almost no chance for today’s bodybuilder to be the next Arnold. However, there is a very good chance for a Men’s Physique competitor to do that very thing. That won’t happen without us taking the responsibility upon ourselves to make that happen both on the stage and off as well as help each other out at the same time. Success for the group…whether that be endorsements, magazines, television, movies, etc…is what will legitimize our category.

As the pioneers of this category, we owe it to ourselves and all the future physique competitors to blaze a trail for them to follow. None of us can have every endorsement contract, magazine spread or acting role. If you can’t do it then pass it along to your fellow physique competitors if you feel they fit what the job is looking for. The more marketable we prove ourselves to be the more money that will be poured back into the industry as a whole and the more opportunities it will create for everyone. By years end, we will be part of a select fraternity that can say they were there from the beginning. Take pride in that and be an ambassador of the sport. We compete as individuals on stage but we should behave like a team off the stage and you will be amazed at the things we can accomplish. If you already received your pro card then show some humility and accept your role as the leaders. If you came just short, like me, then be happy for you peers accomplishments and keep striving to improve for the time that the judges decide your day has come. Either way, enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a blast!

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