Valleys and Mountains

Do you ever notice how many times in lifeIMG_5938 we feel like the world is against us and our backs are up against what seems to be an immovable wall? We feel that we will never get out of our current situation and wonder what it is that we have done or not done to end up here? Yet there are those moments that we feel like we are soaring above it all and will never come down no matter what is brought up against us?

Life is full of these Valleys and Mountains, some are deeper, higher, or longer, but they will always be there! We are not given anything in this life that we are not capable of overcoming, the difference is how long we choose to remain in each, remember the only thing that we all have that can never be taken away is our ability to choose our attitude in any given circumstance! Remember that no matter how low of a Valley we are in, it could be worse! This is where it is so vastly important to count your blessings and give thanks! Conversely, no matter how high of a Mountain we have climbed, it can crumble beneath us in an instant, just as when things are looking down it is also important to stop, take a breath and give thanks!

I am thankful for having a spirit that allows me to overcome every obstacle in my path while I am given the freedom to make choices in this life that I have been allowed to live! I am thankful for my amazing family that has always pushed me and given me an immeasurable amount of love and taught me to be loving, hard working, humble, giving, to look beyond myself and to truly help and care for others! I am thankful for my true friends and loved ones that I can talk to about anything without being judged, that I know will always have my back, that are always there to have fun and make me smile! I am thankful for my 970Muscle family for their amazing dedication, drive, and discipline; for inspiring myself and others around them to push harder each and everyday all while being classy! I am thankful to live in this amazing United States of America and for those troops both here and foreign that serve and protect what we all hold so very dear and often times take for granted! I am thankful that things in life worth having are not easy, I am thankful for the pleasure as well as the pain that reminds me that I am alive! I am thankful for being able to have several wonderful careers that I was meant for! I am thankful for being given health and an able body to be able to use my gifts to help others! I am thankful for the jealous and hateful ones that remind me of what I don’t want to become and push me to even greater heights! I am so thankful for that look in someone’s eye when they have given something their all and accomplished something they never thought possible! I am thankful for this amazing Fitness Industry and the wonderful new Division of Men’s Physique for giving a competitive outlet to so many who hadn’t found their niche yet! I am thankful to my sponsor, MAN Sports for fueling my Journey and Performance every step of the way! I am thankful for YOU taking the time to read my words and even if it inspires or helps only one person, I am thankful for that!

I feel so very blessed to be pursuing my Dreams and making them a Reality and along the way inspiring others to do the same! As I sit here 3 Weeks away from the biggest competition of my life; the USA’s, I can’t help but think to myself, it isn’t about one day, but rather an accumulation of moments that together make this such a wonderful ride and you know what? I love EVERY moment and I am so very thankful for that!

We all have so much to be thankful for, sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what we all have been given and remember that NO matter what, it could have been worse!

By Derek M. Trombetta

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek is a Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and MAN Sports Sponsored Physique Athlete with a Lifetime of REAL WORLD Experience in the Fitness Industry! For further information you can contact Derek at:

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