Men's Physique...Where Are We Headed?

I first became interested in bodybuilding ls41izo69xrvx9vzwhen I first saw Arnold almost three decades ago in “Conan the Barbarian”. To me, he exemplified the ideal male physique. The perfect proportions, nothing too monstrous, at least not by today’s bodybuilding standards with everything symmetrically perfect in harmony.


By the time I was in my late twenties I’d reached a body weight of 315 lbs. as I was trying to “keep up with the Jones’” in the new age of bodybuilding. Seemingly gone were the body types I’d looked up to, the Schwarzennegers’, Zanes’, or even later, the Bob Paris’, or the Barry Demay’s were only the things of the past. In this “new” age of bodybuilding those physiques wouldn’t even get a top 10 call out.


I realized what I thought was the perfect male physique and what the judges idea of what a perfect male physique differed entirely…so I stopped the idea of wanting to become a competing bodybuilder completely.


Up until that time mainly only the massive bodybuilders were landing the covers of Muscle & Fitness or Muscle Mag and the other top mags in our industry. Although Mike O’Hearn and Frank Sepe had started a new movement towards a different type of physique, and their physiques were ones the magazines seemed to be interested in using as their new cover models. Hence the “Fitness Model” age was born. I loved the fact that I could fit right in that category after dropping my weight to 240 lbs.


This was 15 years ago. I’d always find myself wishing that the NPC and IFBB would go back to those old judging standards and often wondered why they didn’t especially when the popularity of bodybuilding began its decline. I believe that the sport of bodybuilding just got too “freaky” for most people with fewer and fewer aspiring to have that type of physique.


Now, finally, the new MENS PHYSIQUE category has been introduced. And just in time. At any contest this category already exceeds all others in the number of competitors. I have seen the trends leaning towards smaller, leaner men with generally very little leg development. Personally, I feel the MENS PHYSIQUE category must choose the best OVERALL physique as the winner. Just like in the old days, all body parts symmetrical…all in perfect harmony.


I’m anxious to see how the tide will turn with this new division. Will it be the 170-180 lb. physique or the 210-220 pound physique? …Let the games begin!

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