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Besides just representing the sign to the lavatory,some of the guys at JR Nationals the men’s physique competitors so far have lived up to the term gentlemen.  I have competed in 4 shows; 2 regional, 2 national and taken part of several blogs and groups online to determine the fact that these guys are just genuine and kind.  My first show comes to mind and proves apparent the distinction referenced above.  When I went to register for the Atlantic States at 8 am contest day I noticed the hoard of competitors waiting; bodybuilders, bikini, figure and the new class men’s physique.  The morning could be described by a quote that came up in the Men's Physique group on face book, “…up tight ego's, guys mean mugging, air lats every were you turn, absolutely no eye contact or chatting..” Ryan Fasano, a previous NPC bodybuilder and now physique competitor, sums up that this was the feeling and scene he's been accustomed to when bodybuilding, but as his quote continues, “The camaraderie in the new men's physique is putting the fire back into me..”  I can recall the distinction as I waited that morning.  I noticed the physique competitors grouping together and talking.  I made quick friends with Stefan Gatt, a first time competitor new to the area, and I remember chatting it up with Dave Shutler, a fellow friend whom I met competing in various organizations.  The aura just seemed different amongst these guys and may be a tribute to the fact that there is finally a stage for this type of competitor in the NPC.  What ever it is, the term "Everybody love Everybody" from Jackie Moon in the movie Semi Pro, is the attitude that comes to mind when I think of the group.  I remember watching the competitors share oil, share food, share bands, share tricks and diet secrets and just encourage each other.  I notice the www.MensPhysique.com forum and the groups set up on Facebook have proven to bring these competitors closer.  Back stage at Team Universe was like a big group of friends that haven’t seen each other in a while just chatting it up.  It makes competing more enjoyable and as the word gets out I assume we will see a large spike in numbers.  It’s like a fraternity which has its dues like an NPC card and show registration fee but it has seemed to be well worth it from my experience.  Men’s Physique is a chance to showcase your hard work and gain a solid group of friends with various back rounds including industry leaders that appear regularly in the fitness magazines.  In my opinion I believe a majority of the people I have met and blog with are stand up guys and would be happy to call most my friends.

Make no mistake though, I and the others are training hard to bring our best package to the stage.  In other words don't take our kindness for weakness because many of us have been competing a lot longer than the league has been out and we know how to separate being on stage and off.

Craig Capurso IFFB Pro

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