2011 Olympia Strongman Challenge Preview

Fresh off the heals of the amazing and record setting America's Strongest Man in Hot Springs just more than a month ago, The American Strongman Corporation is primed to present the Mr. Olympia Strongman Challenge. This fabled event is in its 3rd year of life during the biggest bodybuilding weekend on the planet, The IFBB Mr. Olympia contest. If Hot Springs is any indication of what kinds of performances are expected from the amazing athlete, strongman fans in Las Vegas will be far from disappointed.

This years events will be contested on September 16 and 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center as one of many fan friendly events encompassing the weekend. On Friday the 16th at 1:00pm, the ASC kicks things off with an introduction of their athletes followed immediately by the first of four events for the day. Last year saw thousands of fans packing every corner of the venue to see these Behemoth Americans display guts and determination as they try to tackle some of the sports most difficult challenges.

DAY 1:

Last Man Standing Max Log -- 2 men will stand center stage and clean and press a 340lb log overhead as many times as possible. Technique and power are king here. Brute strength will only get you so far with this one.

Conan Wheel - Athletes will have to cradle a bar suspended from a pivot with approximately 700lbs and walk as far as their gas will take them. Not for the faint of heart, this event will test the true grit of every athlete.

Giant Farmer’s Walk Medley - Now this one requires terrific strength, grip and speed. These athletes will walk run or waddle with 310 Farmers walk implements in each hand 75'. Now, that’s only half of it. They then must pick up two 330 tanks and retrace their steps back to the original start line with only a 75 second time limit.

Stone over bar for reps - The proverbial king of events in strongman, the Atlas Stone. This event utilizes a 380lb stone that each athlete has 75 seconds to pick up and put over a 54" platform as many times as possible before time expires.

DAY 2:

Progressive Yoke – The yoke is a an interesting apparatus to try and conquer. A large diameter tube with two larger tubes falling from each side is loaded with 850lbs and is walked a 50' distance. The athletes will then pick up a second yoke weighing 950lbs and take it back the same distance. If that wasn't enough they are adding a third yoke of 1,050lbs and it has to be walked back that same 50'. Not one, not two, but three yokes... all with a 75 second time limit.

Press Medley – Some events will allow the athletes to chose in which order they would like to press the implements. However, this time around there is a specific order in which they must be pressed. We won't see that here. First a 200lb dumbbell will be pressed overhead with one hand. That is followed by a 250lb steel block, then a 275lb keg followed by a 330 thick tubed axle press and lastly, a 340lb log. Again all within a 75 second time limit)

Car DL for reps – OK, now we all know how much effort it takes to change the tire on a car; with a JACK! Now the ASC has taken this concept to a whole other level. These athletes will grasp two handles, both around knee height that are attached to a carriage that is affixed to the back end of a Toyota Camry. They will lift the car as many times in 60 seconds as possible.

Suicide Medley – Now if the previous 7 events weren’t punishment enough, the ASC has absolutely lost their mind. They have created something so diabolical that they need to have trash cans on the course for the athletes to throw up in after their respective attempts. First each athlete will carry a 250lb sandbag 75', drop it, pick up a 275lb keg, carry it 50', drop it. Then a 250lb steel block 25 feet. If that isn’t enough, each athlete has to pull a sled with all of the implements loaded on it back to the original 75' line. All with the ever familiar time limit of 75 seconds.

This years list of athletes is not available yet but I am sure each of them let out a collective sigh when they read that gargantuan list of events. If the previous years contests are any indicator, this Olympia Strongman Challenge could go right down to the wire. We at Rx Muscle want to wish all of the competitors a safe and productive weekend. See you all at the O in just a few weeks.

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