Bryans' X-Mas List: WoW Straps


Lenny Cjr hooked up with me on Facebook and asked me to check out his new product, one ina series for products called the W.O.W Strap. At first, i though thow can anyone improve on the simplicty if the lifting strap? Every gym douche in the country has a set of harbingers they gto from their local Dick's Sporting Goods and those in the know have Rehboks, Andersons, APT, Versa GRips, etc.

Lenny sent me a pair and at first glance, I thought interesting, a bent metal D ring with some seriously thick strap material. I watched the video becasue their are several way sto put these on. I watched, went to the gym, tried and failed. i couldn't figure it out. So I went home and practiced it there. Boom. Worked like a charm just in time for back and traps. The amount of repssure produced on the outter portion of the wrist is pretty minimal and I have never cut circulation off with them like I have with Versa Grips. Overall, once I got the technique down, I love them. Certainly more durable than most products out there and the price point is not too bad either.

W.O.W. Straps from Why Our Way Weight Lifting equipment can be found at www.whyourway.com or on facebook at www.facebook/whyourway. Tell them Bryan sent ya.

W.O.W Straps are very durable and handmade in the USA to keep the quality to its highest. These straps are strong, yet simply engineered to offer you a lot more flexibility and comfort. They will not let you down. The key is the W.O.W Straps are made to stop the rotation of what ever you are pulling. (Targeting the Specific Muscles your Looking to hit) Thus making the need to re-grip less of a factor than the current straps on the market. In addition, it can be customized to your weight lifting style technique. W.O.W Straps have many different variations of wraps that can be performed, so you have choices. Choose the right way, OUR WAY. The W.O.W Straps will always offer you the most comfort, control and confidence in your workouts.


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