RxMuscle Welcomes New Hosts: The RX Power Hour: Strength Radio


RxMuscle is proud to announce and welcome new hosts for the revamped Rx Power Hour. RxMuscle Strength Central Editor in Chief Bryan Hildebrand and Vice President of the American Strongman Corporation Mike Johnston are teaming up to bring listeners an entirely new approach to strength radio.

The new Rx Power Hour: Strength Radio program will air Thursday evenings on RxMuscle radio. Mike Johnston who has traveled the world as a Strongman promoter is also an accomplished competitive powerlifter while Bryan Hildebrand is a former Strongman, Powerlifter and Highland Games competitor. Mike and Bryan will put their collective knowledge of training, nutrition, rehabilitation and their vast network of athletes, celebrities and promoters into a fun and educational radio format.

The Rx Power Hour: Strength Radio will record their first show tonight Tuesday September 11th with a very special guest. The 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Weightlifting sensation Holley Mangold will be on to discuss training, the injury she suffered at the Olympics in London this summer and the sudden “schmoe” following she has recently developed.

Also, listen for the weekly Contest Calendar which will outline strength events for the coming weekend around the country. If you are a promoter looking to get the word out about your upcoming show, visit them on the Rx Power Hour Landing Page at http://www.rxmuscle.com/strength-radio.html and drop us a line.

As usual Jeff The Producer will help the team with complete production of content and help the new team along their new pathway to strength athletic promotions.

Tune into the Rx Power Hour: Strength Radio program every Thursday evening hosted by Bryan Hildebrand and Mike Johnston and produced by Jeff The Producer!


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