Bryans' X-Mas List: Favorite Sammich!


You can make an arguement about the next one pretty easily, but for me, there is only one choice when it comes to my favorite Chicken Sandwich. I could give a fuck about the Gay vs Christian battle that ensued recently. I see both sides of the arguement. Chik-Fil- A makes sandwiches and supports organizations not everyone is going to agree with. Gay rights groups certainly didn't like those choices and staged a "sit out" and encouraged others to join them in boycotting Chik-Fil-A in that effort.

Personally, I don't care if you are far left socialist gay or far right conservative christian, just leave my fucking sandwich out of it. Chik-Fil-A original sandwiches are like crack to me. I have never been addicted to any drug, let alone crack, but if I were, the feeling would be about the same I imagine. The Original Chicken Sandiwch created by Truett Cathy in 1946 is self credited with being the first to serve a boneless chicken sandwich to the masses from his roadside gas station. The locals liked it so much, he moved it from his gas station and went bigger. Over tiime he went WAY bigger, but the integrity of the sandwich never changed.

A soft, slightly sweet bun encases a perfectly semi spicy, semi sweet juicy boneless chicken breast simply dressed with classic dill pickle slices and gently placed in a foil lined bag. Sweet, sweet perfection.

I have been known to down 4 at a time and that's where a nice fat gift vertificate would come in handy! Each Sandwich is roughly 440 calories composed of 16g of fat, 2g of fiber, 6g sugars and 30g of protein.

How could a group of self preserving pasture bound bovine be wrong?



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