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Rx Girl

Spotlight On NPC Figure/Bikini Competitor: CARIDAD SOLA


caridadSpotlight On NPC Figure/Bikini Competitor: CARIDAD SOLA

Manhattan, New York


Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Katherine (Kit) Wieboldt

kitSpotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Katherine (Kit) Wieboldt

Westminster, Maryland



Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Mary Narducci

MarySpotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Mary Narducci

Bellmawr, New Jersey


How to Create a Healthier Relationship with Food!

In this article I’d like to go over sfoodome tips and things I have personally learned that have helped me have a healthier relationship with food, not just after a competition but eating habits for everyday life, during, and after competition prep. I will talk about how to help your mindset when it comes to eating certain foods or quantity of food and how to live a little and relax. I will also discuss overall eating habits.

I just want to share what I have learned and what has helped me, so maybe it can help you. Also this is a subject I feel a lot of people struggle with – and not just competitors but everyone – whether your goal is aesthetic or not. I was one of those people myself who went back and forth with my eating habits until I learned to recognize the difference and what was correct and not correct or “unhealthy”.



Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Liza Burrell

lisaSpotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Liza Burrell

Fairfax, VA



Countdown to Vegas! A moment with Camala Rodriguez McClure, IFBB Figure Pro

The IFBBcamala pro competitors are preparing for the greatest battle of the year. The time for the annual Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas in September is getting closer. This year is extra special since it’s the 50th anniversary of Joe Weider’s great show.
It is also time to welcome the next athlete to Rx Girl. She has a total of seven IFBB pro wins to her credit. Furthermore, she wrote history in May of this year by winning a total of three IFBB figure pro shows with the latest win at the 2014 California State Open Pro Figure! She is now eight weeks away from Las Vegas and has the Ms. Figure Olympia title in sight.

She will also exclusively start with a video log for her fans to follow her preparations on the Rx Muscle Forums. The forum members will be able to ask her questions as well – so be sure to stay tuned!
Rx Muscle proudly presents one of the absolute best IFBB Figure Pro competitors in the world, Camala Rodriguez McClure!



Creative Fit-Meal Creations: Traditional Pasta Dishes Transformed into Creamy Low-Carb, High-Protein Meals

This week’s article features some of your pastafavorite pasta dishes transformed into low-carb, creamy “pasta” meals that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner! For these recipes you’ll need three key kitchen appliances and/or utensils: a crockpot, a vegetable slicer and a vegetable stringer. These appliances and utensils are quite affordable and you can find them at your local grocer or kitchen gadget store.

In order to create these low-carb “pasta” dishes, I have substituted wheat pasta noodles for zucchini; by doing this, you can reduce the amount of carbs in these traditional pasta dishes by as much as 70%!



Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Jen McDermott

jen I love to participate in Spartan Races; I’m slightly obsessed! I love them because they incorporate obstacles with some running. (I’m not a runner so I say “some”...) There are 3 different kinds and once you participate in all 3 you earn your trifecta. My goal this year is 4 trifectas. I’m also a total foodie. I love baking and cooking; trying new things. I like taking recipes and making them healthy, yet keeping them really tasty


New IFBB Pro Romina Basualdo Reveals the Key to Success!

The bodybuilding worROMINAld has always attracted both fans and competitors from all corners of the globe. As the sport has evolved over the past several decades and grown to include new divisions such as Fitness, Figure, Physique, and Bikini, the spirit of physical culture has expanded its reach even further, and popularity of the industry as a whole has never been greater.

Nowhere is the global expansion of bodybuilding more apparent than at large scale events that feature a diverse lineup of international competitors like the Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur events.



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