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Olympia Countdown with IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Sarah Leblanc

With just a few weeks to go, thsarahe 50th anniversary of the Mr. Olympia competition is just a breath away. The preparations for the competitors are in full gear and the anticipation is rising!

One of the competitors is the rising star Sarah LeBlanc who won the open Pro Bikini at the 2014 IFBB Orlando Europa Supershow earlier this year.

We decided to ask her for an interview and see what she had to say about her history of weight training and contest prep leading into her battle at the Bikini Olympia. Let’s welcome Sarah LeBlanc to RX Girl!



Spotlight On Body Fitness Competitor: Zelda van Veenhuyzen

Spzeldaotlight On Body Fitness Competitor: Zelda van Veenhuyzen

Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa


Ann Titone Ready to WIN the Olympia!

 I don't know about you, but when I think titwhat a Ms. Figure Olympia should be - I think of the very beautiful, very gifted, and very hardworking, Ann Titone. Ann is the embodiment of everything that a true ambassador for Figure should look like. In addition to being one of the most dynamic competitors in the sport, she also finds a way to include roles as contest promoter and business owner into her daily lifestyle. Ann is blessed to have the love & support of a great husband and support network that includes family, friends, and very loyal fans. In just a few days she plans to step onstage at the biggest show of her life, and knowing her - SHE'S GOING TO BRING IT!!!


Undefeated! Erika Amini Leads by Example: “Anything is possible if you believe!”

The sad reality of massive weUNDEight loss is that things don't always go back to the way things were. I've been fighting through a long journey back to fitness since a car accident in 2004. At the dark end of the tunnel I was in a wheelchair/limping due to a severe leg injury, 266 lbs., complete loss of thyroid, and was enduring 15-17 Migraines a month. Instead of giving up, I found every reason to fight, and get angry at the cards I was dealt at such an early age in life.


Waxing Or Threading?

These days there arwaxe many different hair removal methods available, including tweezing, shaving, depilatories, laser procedures, waxing and threading. Many women opt for one of the last two methods mentioned because they are inexpensive and produce relatively long-lasting results. Both waxing and threading have also become so convenient that it is commonplace to see waxing & threading services at nail salons and in malls. As a matter of fact, the threading place I go to is located in a nearby mall.



Spotlight On Figure Competitor: Daisy Roman

daisySpotlight On Figure Competitor: Daisy Roman

Geneva, IL


Your Guide to Proper Supplementation to Fit Your Fitness Goals

Proper supplementation is ansupplements important aid in achieving your health and fitness goals. Without proper supplementation you may risk losing muscle gains or could be missing out on your fat burning potential! With all of the supplements out there it can be confusing and overwhelming on which supplements to take to get the most bang for your buck! In this article I’ll provide you with suggestions for supplements that will benefit you whether your fitness goals include bulking or leaning.

During a bulk cycle the goal is to gain and maintain lean muscle while gaining as little fat as possible. There are several supplements that you can take to promote protein synthesis, maximize anabolic cell growth and increase strength and endurance. For bulking, I suggest the following key supplements:




Female Flexers and Women's Physique—Is It a Good Fit?

The question: What's the difference wpbetween a women's bodybuilding physique and a women's physique body? The answer recalls a famous Supreme Court quote about pornography: I can’t exactly define it, “but I know it when I see it."

The fortunes of so-called smaller women bodybuilders have been inconsistent over the years. Juliette Bergmann's reign in the early 2000s, in which she won the lightweight title at the Olympia three times and beat Iris Kyle for the overall in 2001, is a notable exception, but it's been a while since a smaller flexer made it into the top five at the O.



I know the title sounds kind lisaof morbid, but this is based on a real scenario and it happened during my college years! I have always been healthy except for a few miscellaneous issues that plague many such as seasonal allergies, colds, and all the famous childhood junk that most have gone through!

When we read about competitors and look at the photos of amazing examples of health and strength, we rarely imagine any of these individuals getting sick or having any kind of health challenge! It’s a challenge to stay motivated and train hard enough to compete, but imagine trying to train hard against a life threatening illness!

During my own life threatening illness and close brush with death, I didn’t think I’d ever live long enough to compete or even have a normal life at one point! Here is my story!



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