Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Katherine (Kit) Wieboldt

Category you compete in: Bikini
Date of birth: April 30, 1978
Hometown: Westminster, Maryland
Career: Senior Residential Mortgage Underwriter, DE, SAR.

If you could change into a superhero for a day who would you be and why? Ha! Who says I want to be good? I’d like to say- Maleficient, Poison Ivy or Catwoman. So, superhero? How about Storm from X-men. I’m a bit of a control freak, and prefer to be outdoors. I’d also like to be able to be destructive when my temper blows. Oh- and I think it would be pretty bad-ass to be able to cast spells and fly. Come to think of it I don’t know how much she is a superhero, but she is my kind of girl!

What made you begin dedicating your lifestyle to this sport? As strange as it sounds, I didn’t know about the bikini aspect of bodybuilding until recently. I was searching the internet for taller women who I could use as a “I want this body” motivational tool. I came across a few girls who were in phenomenal shape with the exact build I wanted. They were IFBB Bikini Pros. After hours of research I went from having a spark of a desire to a fueled fire that was telling me I had to do this.

What approach do you take to dieting...carb cycle..keto? It’s easy! I do what my coach, Michelle Johnson tells me! Eating what I considered healthy meals wasn’t getting the results I wanted and I knew if I wanted to be successful I would need to find someone with the correct knowledge and experience in getting girls to succeed in bikini.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about competing? Based on the questions people have asked me the biggest misconception about competing is the diet. “Are you starving yourself?” or “I bet you don’t eat much” I always laugh. I actually eat a lot more food now than I did before I started competing. I joke with my husband about it because sometimes I feel like I spend more time in a day eating then I do working out. That’s not to say I don’t spend hours a day at the gym- another misconception. Bikini girls don’t workout- FAR from true!

What is your most embarrassing childhood memory? When I was younger I showed horses. Our equine club decided to enter a team event one year where I competed with them. I was supposed to pass a baton hand to hand to my teammate but we were losing and I wanted to win so decided I should throw the baton to her from about 15 feet away in hopes she would catch it. Well- she didn’t! It smacked her in the face and she was not only hurt but our whole team was disqualified. I competed only in solo competitions after that. Fortunately for the girls on my bikini team now - they don't rely on me for baton passing….. only moral support!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about YOURSELF during your contest prep? I decided to compete to get the figure I have desired for years, gain a stronger self-confidence, and face my stage-freight fears. This whole experience amazes me because I never expected it would open my eyes to so many other things. How I view others, who I am as a person, my capabilities, the strengths I didn’t realize I had, and even weaknesses. I think the most significant thing I have learned is my capabilities are limitless if I set my mind to it. Cant and wont, should never be a part of my vocabulary. I had convinced myself placing wasn’t possible—but I won my class! Competing against girls a decade younger would be too difficult- but I plaimages.php(1)ced higher than 45 other girls. This whole competition process made me realize something else. I view myself in a more positive light and the things I have in my life are more beautiful and wonderful now because of it. I realized I am a fighter and always have been for the things I really want; my marriage, kids, house, career, etc. I don’t give up and will push through if I know in my heart I want something. Competing was no different.

Who do you look up and admire and why? I can’t say I admire one person in particular. I find admirable qualities in different people and incorporate that into the person I am. I’m far from perfect but I try to be the person that I would want my children or others to admire. I’m always honest with myself and with others. I try to be the best mom, wife, friend, daughter, employee a person could have. I’m kind to all living things and I try to be patient, understanding and forgiving. I truly believe you can’t be whole, unless you are happy with yourself. So I do my very best everyday to be proud of who I am and to be able to say I respect myself as a person.

Competimages.php(2)ition history: 2014 MD State/East Coast Classic
Placements: 1st- Masters
5th Novice (Out of 50 Competitors)
5th Open Height Class D

Next competition: August 30, 2014 North Americans in PA

Favorite Motivational Quote: I really like “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” or if I’m feeling particularly lazy- Jillian Michaels yelling comes to mind- “Unless you faint, puke or die- keep going”
Who would you like to thank? Through it all there are two people that have supported me, motivated me and helped me along this journey. My coach-Michelle Johnson. She manages my diet, my exercises, my posing and at times even points out little personality flaws that I need to work on. She holds me accountable, and somehow knows when to give me the extra kick in the ass I need to become motivated when I start to get off track. And of course I’d like to thank my husband. He has been so supportive from the beginning, damn near breaking his back so I can give competing the attention I need. He helps push me in the gym and he is my rock though the roller coaster of emotions which happen more frequently than I care to admit. I never would have realized just how strong I am both mentally and physically without him. I know there is no such thing as limitations- and I can really do anything I set my mind to.

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