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Went PRO In Figure & Women's Physique in SAME SHOW! Ashley Soden Interview | RX Spotlight
Went PRO In Figure & Women's Physique in SAME SHOW! Ashley Soden Interview | RX Spotlight

Ashley Stoden, who won her IFBB Pro card in Figure AND Women's Physique at the Team Universe, joins Dave Palumbo on an all-new ep [ ... ]

56-YEAR OLD WINS PRO CARD AFTER 25 YEARS! Donna Sterling Interview | RX Spotlight
56-YEAR OLD WINS PRO CARD AFTER 25 YEARS! Donna Sterling Interview | RX Spotlight

Donna Sterling, a 56-year old IFBB Pro card winner who won her pro card 25 years after first taking the stage, joins Dave Palumbo [ ... ]



Rx Girl

Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Amanda Norman

amaSpotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Amanda Norman

Choctaw, Oklahoma 


Creative Fit-Meal Creations: Pumpkin

This werecek’s recipes include a common fall favorite, pumpkin! Pumpkin is great anytime of the year. In addition to the comfort flavor of fall, pumpkin provides many health benefits.

Like many orange fruits and vegetables, pumpkin provides a hefty dose of Vitamin A and other antioxidants to help support your immune system. It is essential for optimal health and your fitness goals because it also helps promote good vision and cell growth.

Pumpkin is also relatively low in calories and high in fiber. For about 100 grams, it provides about 250% of the recommended Vitamin A daily allowance, 4 grams of dietary fiber and no fat for only 25 calories!

Although this fruit may not be in season until the fall months it can be found almost anytime of year in a can. To keep these recipes healthy, try to find no-sugar added brands of canned pumpkin such as Libby’s® 100% pure pumpkin.

There are so many healthy, fun and creative ways to add pumpkin to your daily meals. These recipes are just a few creative ways you can do that. Try them and you won’t be disappointed!




Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Lauren Geldmacher

laurenSpotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Lauren Geldmacher

Smithtown, New York 


With Friends Like This…

“Comsaboe on, one bite won’t kill you!”
“Oh, right, you’re on a diet. Your loss.”
“Let me guess, you have to go to the gym AGAIN?”

Unfortunately, anyone who has attempted to make a change to their lifestyle has probably run into this problem – saboteurs! The worst case is when the sabotage comes from family members or those you considered close friends. What sparks this behavior in people? Why would people who care about you go out of their way to make your journey tougher?


Spotlight On: Sofia Rodriguez aka “SoFITfia”

Category in which you compete: Bikiniphoto3

Date of birth: July 7th, 1989 (Yes, I am a cancer! Loyal and caring BUT I’m not super emotional )

Hometown: I was a Military Brat born in Landstuhl, Germany.


Spotlight On: Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson

Category iSPS 8285n which you compete: Women’s Physique

Hometown: Montreal (Live in Greater Toronto Area)

Career: IT Professional


Spotlight On: Nadia Kovacova

nadiathumbEver since I was a child I was very active. I was on a basketball team since age of six and joined the National women’s basketball team at age of sixteen. 



The 2014 Canadian Bodybuilding Federation Nationals Take Over Edmonton, Alberta


On Saturdnatay, July 5, 2014, Edmonton, Alberta was host to the 2014 CBBF Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Physique Championships. This was the first of two Open National shows held in Canada every year and to date this was the largest with well over 470 of Canada's best competitors. Unlike the National level shows in the States, Canada only hands out approximately 17 IFBB Pro Cards each year, so to say that these competitors are ready to battle it out for not just Top spot, but the Overall spot would be an understatement. 



Margie Martin: From Star Struck to Stardom!

They say life imargs all about choices. It’s about the decisions we make that ultimately decide who we’ll become and where we’ll end up. However I believe that sometimes it’s the things in life that we don’t chose that have the greatest impact. It’s the moments of cosmic or divine intervention that come crashing into our lives without any warning that ultimately become the moments that auto-correct our course without us having any say whatsoever. And sometimes, like in the case of emerging female bodybuilding star Margie Martin, those moments lead us into a world we only could’ve envisioned in our wildest dreams.


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