The Drive


               Sometimes we all need to have a bit of a mental resetAlways and remember why we do the things we do and what it took for us to get where we are! In this judgmental and opinion based sport of Men’s Physique it is important to remember that in the end, the only validation that we need is our own…


BEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP!!! I rolled over and looked at my alarm and saw that 5am had come once again… I quickly hit the snooze and finally got out of bed 30 minutes later. As my feet hit the ground, I couldn’t help but think how my back was hurting like it had every morning before, ugh! I stumbled out to the kitchen to make some coffee and grab some food. As I reached in the cupboard I realized that I was out of my breakfast pastries that I loved so much, double ugh! As I dug deeper I saw some oatmeal and protein powder that I had bought months back and never used… I guess I’ll give it a shot, since I have nothing else! I made the oatmeal in the microwave with water and a few raisins that I found, hmmm… I forgot how good this stuff actually tastes, nice! The protein shake wasn’t half bad either, tasted like chocolate and was quick, double nice!


I made my way to the shower and finished my morning routine, when it came time to get dressed I found that my last shirt that was clean actually was my favorite shirt; it was 10 years old, a bit worn, but still my favorite! You see I remember this shirt vividly; I bought it for my job interview with my current company, which I am now a Junior Partner! It was actually the very first dress shirt that I had ever owned and I had to go without putting gas in my car for 2 weeks to afford it, but I got the shirt and I got the job!


As I got in my car to head to work I noticed that the birds were chirping especially loud, I don’t remember them being this loud, I guess spring is here! I pulled out of my driveway and saw my elderly neighbor hunched over on her walker heading to get the paper, when she saw me, she quickly looked up with an ear-to-ear grin and waved… I waved back and suddenly my back didn’t hurt anymore…


            I headed on my way and as I turned the corner I saw that there was road construction and detour signs, after I got done speaking my mind to myself and turning around I followed the detour signs, this was going to take me 15 minutes out of my way, 15 minutes I didn’t have! Headed down a street I hadn’t been on in a long time I slowly passed a few kids at the Bus Stop playing Tag! It made me smile as I remembered how much I loved playing Tag, wow to be a kid again! Still smiling I looked down and realized that I needed to get gas, guess I better stop before I end up walking!


            Luckily, I was near a Gas Station, so I pulled in and hurried inside! As I walked in, I bumped into a man on his way out… I said, “Excuse me,” and he said nothing, but under his breath as he walked away, I could hear him say, “Too bad we all can’t dress up for work!” I hurried in, paid for my gas and headed back out. As I came back out the man that I had bumped into started to ask me questions about my car and say how he really liked it, I smiled and said, “Thank you.” I got back in my car and smiled knowing what my shirt really meant to me and that his remarks would never discount what it took for me to get where I was, I pulled away and forgot about the man before I came to the first light!


            As I stopped at the light, a man in tattered clothes came over and started to wash my windshield, I gave him the spare change I had in my center console and thought to myself how thankful I was for the blessings in my life, I also couldn’t help but ponder the many difficult choices I had made to get where I was. I am thankful for being given the gift to make choices and I never want to take that for granted. Feeling humbled I finished the drive to work and somehow had made it to work 5 minutes earlier than I expected, I guess the detour wasn’t nearly as out of my way as I thought!


I pulled into my parking space at work, put my car in park and glanced in the rear view mirror… I only saw my eyes, but just from that I couldn’t help to think of how my drive to work today seemed to have put a focus in me that had me excited! I opened my door and stepped out, as my feet hit the ground…


BEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP!!! I sat straight up in my bed, shut my alarm off and put my feet on the ground… 5am had come once again, my back didn’t hurt, and I felt excited for the new day! Today is no ordinary day, today is my time to make it happen and you know what? It feels amazing!!!



By Derek M. Trombetta


-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek is a Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and MAN Sports Sponsored Physique Athlete with a Lifetime of REAL WORLD Experience in the Fitness Industry! For further information you can contact Derek at:

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