Religious Refugee to 1st Place: Danny Kovarkizi Lives His Dream

It is only fitting that this story is released on Easter of all days…a day to celebrate new life and BC_43814new beginnings. Danny Kovarkizi is a shining example of celebrating new beginnings. Often we focus on things we wish we could change; but, we feel we have little or no control over. So what do you do to get past that? Do what Danny Kovarkizi does. First, take stock of your blessings. We have blessing on top of blessing that are often overlooked. Once you realize and appreciate these blessings you will find the impetus to push and make changes that may have before seemed impossible.


New Competitor on the Block: John Franco 75 Pounds Later

While walking around backstage at the Orange County I ran into a number of Men's Physique competitors.fat John Franco for example is a guy in great shape.  You would never guess he was overweight just a year ago.  Here is a man that has lost 75 pounds and steped on stage in the best shape of his life...all while approaching 40 years of age when most people make excuses.  John is making changes not excuses! You can see John's before shot here to the right.  Want to see the new John?  Read on!


Meet Aaron Reed: Winner of the NPC Orlando Metropolitan Men's Physique Division

Aaron Reed crouched under the doorway as he left the auditorium after winning 1st Place in theRC Shoot Aaron Read After Winning 2011 NPC Orlando Metropolitan Mens Physique. Why crouch you ask? At 6’7” tall, most doorways are a bit of a tight squeeze. Aaron is officially the “Tallest Competitor” to win to date in the Men’s Physique Division. You may have seen his video interview here on MensPhysique.com already…if you haven’t check it out. In the meantime, would you like to see some shots of this amazing physique and get to know Aaron? Read on.


How was your overall experience at the Orlando Metropolitan show?

I had a great time at the Orlando Metropolitan. It was a great opportunity for me to get my feet wet with the class. I want to come from the ground up in the division. By doing more than one show before I head to USA's I feel I am  better representation for the class. Many people tried to say they thought I would be too big for the class. This was proof I am not too big but rather and intimidating force for the new Men's Physique Class.



Meet Shaka Smith: 1st Place Men's Physique A Class at the Orange County Muscle Classic

Shaka Smith was not sure if he was going to compete in the Orange County.  He attended the Culver City IMG_0302Show a few weeks back and found his interest peaked.  He mulled over the idea of getting on the stage himself.  Well it's a great thing he did.  He walked on the stage this past weekend and rocked it!  Shaka when from "thinking about doing a show" to winning the A Class at the Orange County just a short time later.  Want to learn more about this physique phenom?  Read on!


What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division?
The physique division is very strong – it’s a great addition to the competition. I think as competitors we are all trying to figure out exactly what the judges are looking for, but that’s kind of the fun part – it pushes you to bring your best in all aspects.



Bobby Ashhurst is the Overall Winner at the Orange County Muscle Classic 2011

Bobby Ashhurst took home the 1st Overall for Men's Physique at the Orange County Muscle Classic 2011. He is making waves in the fitness industry across the board.  Not only did he just win the OCMC, he was also recently was brought on as a demo rep for Gaspari Nutrition.  Here is a guy with a great sense of humor, great physique, and the knowledge to use it.  Bobby is showing everyone that you can have a great physique and be incredibly business savy.  Want to get to know Bobby better?  Read on!

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division?3

I think it is great for the sport. They have created a category anyone can aspire to realistically compete in. Even a poor kid from Jersey can grow up to be a champ. (yes, I grew up in NJ; no, I do not watch Jersey Shore or do a fist pump) This category, much like bikini, has opened up the fitness industry to a much larger demographic so from a business perspective I think themove is a winner. From the perspective of someone who loves fitness &
all around good health, I think this new category will give people a goal to aspire to that will lead many down a longer, healthier and happier life overall.




Orange County Muscle Classic XXXV "A SUCCESS!"

This past Saturday was the Orange County Muscle Classic Show and another day for the new Men's samsacketPhysique Division to shine.  Jon Lindsay put on another great show with top notch competitors.  There was yet another strong turnout for this exciting new division.  I can't tell you how many men AND women said to me "finally" when I ask them their thoughts on this division.

The interest is obvious when you see the sheer number of competitors and spectators for the event.  At the OC Muscle Classic there were 8 in the Masters Division, 4 in Class A, 7 in Class B and 12 in the C Class (5'10" and above.)  This breakdown in numbers shows that consideration should be made for increased number of height classes.  The 5'10" and above is huge because the average male  height in America is nearly 5'10"; therefore, it stands to reason that roughly half of male competitors would be in the C class whereas the remaining "half" is split in the A and B class according to current guidelines.

Check out a sample of the quality of competitor to show up!  Pictured here is Sam Sacket.


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New Competitor on the Block: Meet Nick Garton

Name: Nick GartonColor - In Pillars

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division?

Physique is the opportunity for a different type of “bodybuilder” to show in the NPC. It’s an opportunity for men with a balanced lifestyle between athletics, clean eating and those who enjoy a little healthy competition to thrive. This division is generating a significant amount of new interest, so in this first year we are the pioneers and are responsible for inspiring and setting the bar for all aspiring competitors.



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