Greg Plitt's Pecs Perfection Workout

gregrxYou've heard of drop sets and super sets, now get ready for Greg's extreme super drop set chest workout that is unlike anything you have ever tried before, Pecs Perfection.  This one is not for the weak or inexperienced, this workout you have to earn! Greg takes you into battle in this 40 minute instructional workout video that will blow your chest up!










Rainy Day Leg Training

For the last two weeks we’ve had great weather in California. This morning was the first day it was raining since I arrived. Since my mode of transport is a bicycle and the ride to the gym is about ten minutes, needless to say I was soaked by the time I got to the gym.

In terms of the workout today, for my quads I kept it really simple – eight sets of leg press. This is something I like to rotate into my legs routine and it’s a great mass builder for the quads and glutes.


Biography of Editor and Chief: Ian Lauer CSCS

Ian Lauer CSCS has been working out religiously and loving it since 1993. The challenge of changing one’s physique can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences. Helping others find the same excitement in this endeavor is one of Lauer’s biggest passions. He feels blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to do just that here as Editor in Chief of MensPhysique.com



Ian began training clients professionally in 2003 and started his own successful Personal Training Business in 2004. Lauer assists a select group of clients reach their goals to this day.


Challenging Chest with Jerome Ferguson

Last year when I was in Venice for a couple of days training at Gold’s I met Jerome Ferguson. One that occasion he showed me a new way of doing dumbbell incline presses which better targeted my upper chest and reduced the involvement of my front deltoids. Today he took me through a whole chest workout and showed me a few more tips and new exercises which will help my chest development.


Surviving Leg Training with Ofer Samra

Leg training is never easy. Sure there are those people that say they love training legs. That may be so but somehow I can’t quite understand it. Training your legs is painful, often overloads your respiratory system leaving you gasping for air, not to mention the feelings of nausea which more often than not accompanies it. What I do understand, and I sometimes think these people are actually referring to is the feeling of euphoria and accomplishment following completion of a solid session of legs. Nonetheless, training quads and hamstrings with Ofer Samra has left me hobbling around in the days following our workout… in a good way.



Chasing the Shoulder Pump with Will Harris

This morning I was supposed to train legs with Charles Glass at 9 am.  I got a phone call from our photographer at 8 am saying that Charles had cancelled.  I was actually very happy Charles cancelled because (i) my legs still hadn’t recovered from Sunday’s workout and (ii) my laptop died the night before leaving me stressed out and only able to sleep about four hours.  So after catching up on some sleep I headed into the gym to train shoulders.

I had another training session with Will Harris booked for 5 pm so I decided to train the front and side heads of my deltoids on my own and to leave the rear delts and upper traps for our training session in the evening.

Workout 1:

Front and Side Deltoids


What is the NPC Men's Physique Division?

Following is what is currently know about the new Men's Physique division. What is important to note is that now is the time to get in and set the bar.  Instead of guessing what the judges are looking for get into the game and bring the physique you want to see be representative of the title "Men's Physique."  It is not everyday that and athlete can define a sport.  This is the time to make it happen with this new division.  Now is not the time to worry about winning the trophy..now is the time to DEFINE the trophy!

According to the NPC:

"New Men’s Physique Division

Beginning in 2011 a new division for men will be introduced – Men’s Physique. The following are the guidelines/rules.


Featured Competitor: Frank Jones

Frank Jones is a competitor with unlimited potential.  I had the great pleasure of meeting and shooting with Frank at an FMI conference a short while back.  Immediately, it was apparent that he had the Physique necessary to take the stage by storm.  Frank is a fellow Ohio native and has the Midwestern work ethic to show for it.  Recently, Frank took part in the first ever Men's Physique Competition in Kentucky.  He placed second and made a top notch appearance.  You can be sure Frank is going to continue to work his way up the ranks and potentially win it all in his next show.

When asked his thoughts on this new division he said, "This division has opened another door to allow opportunity. From the one show I have done I see that the knowledge of differentiating body builders from physique is vague. Take my body type for example; I am 5'11 “off-season” 195lbs 6-8% body fat. Competition I am 3-5% body fat and around 185lbs. This would place me in a category of Light Heavyweight. In that class I would be no competition at all. My cousin competes at 198lbs and currently in his “off-season” he is 5'7 245lbs."


Name: Frank Jones


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