Tan Tan Tan

I stepped on stage with a mystic spray tan at it's darkest level and a subtle bronzer on top of that.  After the pre-judging I asked the head judge what he thought so far.  He said I was too light.  After seeing the guys that were getting the early callbacks it appears that a dark tan is the way to go.  Perhaps not as dark and some of the bodybuilders go...but definitely darker than one would be for a photoshoot.

Men's Physique is Going to be HUGE! On site in CA

Now it is offical, Men's Physique has hit CA!

I am at the Men's Physique show in Culver city today.  www.musclecontest.com  The turnout for the event is great.  There must be 50+ guys here to compete in the Men's Physique division of the show.  A new door has been opened.  As head judge Lee Thompson and promotor Jon Lindsay say, "Now there is no excuse for anyone in the audience not to do the show."  Obviously a certain amount of conditioning and preparation is necessary; but, this opens the door for so many men that love to train but don't want to put on the sheer mass necessary to be a body builder, or the tiny little underwear.

Check in at 8AM went smoothly...now its a little downtime waiting until prejudging at 11AM.

Featured Competitor: David Truax

Name: David Truax


What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division? To the general public, modern top bodybuilders are a curiosity, not an ideal. Few people want to look like that, themselves. I respect people going after what makes them look and feel the way they want. Hopefully this new class will get some legs under it and make a class for those of us that care less about size and more about aesthetics and athleticism.



Featured Competitor: Louie Giacomin

Name: Louie Giacomin



What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division? I think that the Men's Physique Division is going to bring a lot more attention to Body Building overall and attract a new audience of competitors and fans.


The Giacomin Twins Know Weights (Part II) Louie Giacomin

After working out with Andrew Giacomin a while back I had a feeling I was in for another great workout with Louie.  Sure enough, Louie Giacomin came to crank out a good workout.  Andrew and I worked shoulders and Louie and I were going to work chest.  These brothers are strong; but, Louie and Andrew have very different frames.  Even with the different looks both are good candidates for the Men's Physique division.  I look forward to seeing them on stage.


Louie currently is studying for Business Management at Orange Coast College.  Studying can be a challenge when on the beautiful coast with lots of distractions, but Louie gets both his studying in as well as his time in the gym.  After a short chat we move into the chest blast.


The NPC UTAH Open and Ironman Natural Men’s Physique from Behind the Lens with Isaac Hinds

An interview to get to the heart of what package to bring to the stage with Isaac Hinds photographer: liftstudios.com


Ian Lauer of Men’s Physique: Thanks so much for your time…I know you’re a busy man so I’ll get right to the questions everyone wants to know. What are you initial thoughts on the new Men’s Physique Division?

Isaac Hinds: I think this new division is great…so long as judges reward physiques that are different from the bodybuilding look. I would like to see more of the fitness model look. Each show will be different especially early on and it’s important to note that who shows up is also going to be important.

Lauer: So do you feel there is a “distinct look” that the judges are seeking out?


Featured Competitor: Derek M. Trombetta

Here is a man that is passionate about fitness and people.  Derek M. Trombetta has been helping people for years as a trainer and firefighter.  He knows what it takes to sculpt a physique.  After reading up on this guy, you'll find yourself rooting for him in his upcoming competitions.  He has what it takes to personally be a success in this division and to help make the division itself a success.  Welcome to the revolution Derek!


Derek M. Trombetta

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division?

I am VERY excited to be a part of the new Men’s Physique Division! It gives so many that are caught in between Divisions/Classes and outlet and opportunity to pursue their Dreams and Passions for Fitness!



What Type of Physique is Winning in Men's Physique? Adam Lamb's Is!

I have said it before and still believe now is the time not to worry about winning the trophy; however, now is the time to define the trophy.  I'm happy to say that Adam Lamb, recent winner at one of these early competitions, feels the same way.  He chalked up a win and is fired up about being part of this new movement!

Many are still curious as to what kind of physique is currenlty winning so here is a pic of Adam at his 1st Place Finish in the most recent Men's Physique competition.


To read Adam's Interview and see more pics click the "Read More" button.


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