Meet Steve Byrnes: NPC Men's Physique Competitor

We're happy to have NPC MP Competitor Steven Byrnes img_10861307983811with us today. He has built quite a physique that should take him far in this new division.  Thanks for joining us Steven...if you don't mind we have a few questions for you?

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division? The Men’s Physique is a great addition to the NPC for the guys who just want an aesthetic look. Being in shape isn’t all about being super huge. Also making the look achievable for the average male.



Meet Scottie White: Men's Physique Competitor

We are here with NPC Men’s Physique Competitor Scottie White. Scottie you have been great every time you’re on stage so what are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division? 208826_1949850308519_1310446016_32325093_3941790_n

The Men’s Physique division has taken the fitness community by storm; it allows a median between bodybuilding and fitness model physiques. Training for Men’s Physique requires a training strategy to enhance the overall beauty of symmetry with lean muscularity. I enjoy including cross fit exercises into my work out without the concern of burning too much muscle. Staying consistent with proper nutrition allows me to maintain a lower body fat percentage in preparation for my show. I’m very thankful to the NPC for opening up such an exciting new division. I enjoy the entertainment value of presenting the audience with a male sexiness on stage with the laid back board shorts. The division has grown since I’ve competed in the first ever NPC Men’s Physique early this year in Culver City and more competitors has continued to jump onboard. I have competed in three shows and gained much needed experience that will aid me on the national level in competing for my pro card. I train to win, not just to place, so I leave it all on the stage for the judges. There are awesome competitors in this division whom I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with. I’m truly blessed after a successful retirement from the U.S. Marines to be able to compete on this level with great results. The Marines forced me to adapt and overcome pain during the rigors of physical training, so I will accept nothing less from myself to bring the best each show. Thank you all for supporting me during my journey, and when on stage I will continue to give you what you deserve-my best….


Meet Craig Capurso: Class Winner at Bev Francis Atlantic States

We are here with Craig Capurso…Congrats on the big win! 221599_10150159615614476_507654475_6354582_4437754_nWhat made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

Thanks! I decided to compete to in order to get my face in front of the NPC crowd and sponsors. I've competed in other organizations in similar categories and have had success but the road usually just stops. With the NPC I saw this as an opportunity to grow as an athlete in ONE organization earn an IFBB pro card and have a career at doing something I love.

Can you tell us a little about the Competition you just competed in?

The Bev Francis Atlantic States held in NYC usually draws a good crowd from the past shows I've attended. This night was no different, there were 19 competitors in my class and some pretty stiff competition.



In the previous post we misspoke and said a new "division" was going to be added. In reality there is going to be an additional class added at select regional shows.

While at the California State Championships I had the pleasure of talking with promotor Jon Lindsay. We of course discussed the California State show going on today which had a great turnout. Then we got to talking about Men's Physique and he let me in on a bit of interesting news. This is of great interest for gentlemen in their 40's and above!


Meet Ryan Hughes: One of First Two IFBB Men's Physique Pro's

We are here with Ryan Hughes….Congrats on the big win! 09 Ryan Hughes-1What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

Thanks Ian! I am still in shock that I am an IFBB Pro! I decided to go the Men’s Physique route after realizing that a career in bodybuilding would be near impossible. With the overall size the pro bodybuilders carry these days, I just didn’t see it as being realistic for myself. I also like the Men’s Physique look better. I like a good balance of size, shape and conditioning that people can relate to and strive towards. I think this division will really help bring both new competitors to the sport and a much larger fan base as well. The sky is the limit with this new division and I am honored to represent it as one of the first two guys in the pro ranks.


Meet Matt "Swoll" Christianer: One of First Two IFBB Men's Physique Pro's

We are here with Matt “Swoll” Christianer….IMG_3894taggedCongrats on the big win! What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

First off, Thank You Ian! It’s an honor to be one of two to win the first IFBB pro cards for men’s physique and to take the overall was just the icing on the cake! I had competed as a middle weight at the USA’s last July. I felt that I looked quite well as a middle weight but at my height I was almost 3 inches taller than most other middle weights at that level. So even though I’m only 5 7 ¾ I looked like shaq onstage compared to the rest of my class! Ha ha Once I heard men’s physique was coming out I knew it was for me. I had been doing a lot of fitness modeling already and they just go hand in hand .Plus it allows me to really show off my personality onstage and really ham it up for the crowd, unlike bodybuilding. I also love the fact that it’s a more natural look, a look I can keep all year round instead of bulking and cutting over and over, this also always me to be photo ready 365.


History Established. First Two IFBB Pro Men's Physique Competitors

It was only a matter of time and the time has come.Overall comparison Matt Ryan Two men have graduated from the NPC National Level  Men's Physique Competitors to IFBB Pro's.  These two men are Matt "Swoll" Christianer and Ryan Hughes.  A big congratulations is in order for both of these men!


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