2013 Odd Haugen Strength Classic Strongman Challenge


The Odd Haugen Strongman Challenge is a NAS Platinum Plus Level contest OPEN to all qualified NAS member athletes. The top three athletes in each weight class will qualify for the 2012 NAS National Championship and the Champion will receive ASC Pro Card as well as a direct invite (entry fee waived) to the 2014 All American Strongman Challenge including travel reimbursements (flight or mileage) and hotel accommodations for two nights.

The Odd Haugen’ Strongman Challenge: Five (5) disciplines (events) will be contested which will be randomly drawn from the five (5) discipline buckets ATTACHED and made part hereof the Entry Form. Each athlete picks one (1) favorite discipline from each bucket. Final draw of disciplines will be done no less than one week from date of contest, and will be promptly announced via email to all athletes.

Athletes’ order and pairing in the first Discipline is determined by reverse order of received entry, and announced at the Athletes’ Rules Meeting prior to the commencement of the contest. The order in the subsequent Disciplines shall be the reverse order of OVERALL standing (not previous Discipline). Ties in the overall standing shall be broken by finish in previous Discipline. If a Discipline is contested in pairs or groups, the “lane” assignments must be uniformly applied “odd” in left lane, “even” in right lane to the all pairs.

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Schedule of Events (Final Order of TBD)
Saturday June 29th, 2013

09:00 AM: Check- in and Registration

10:30 AM: Athletes’ Rules Meeting

11:00 AM: Presentation of Athletes

11:05 PM: Over Head Lift Discipline (see Bucket above)

12:15 PM: Carry/Grip Discipline (see Bucket above)

01:15 PM: Static Lift Discipline (see Bucket above)

3:30 PM: Classic Discipline (see Bucket above)

4:30 PM: Stone Discipline (see Bucket above)

5:15 PM: Award Ceremony

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