Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Magnea Gunnars

Category you compete in: Bikini fitness -172
Da578043 10152478710319657 1581332847 nte of birth: 22.09.1994
Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland
Career: Actually I feel that I´m just starting my career. I´m studying engineering management and my goal is to work as an engineer in the future as well as competing in Bikini Fitness as often as possible.

If you could change into a superhero for a day who would you be and why?
Wonder-women because who wouldn't want to have her super strength, speed and stamina. Also this heroine fights evil in the company of Superman and Batman, I mean how cool is that :)

What made you begin dedicating your lifestyle to this sport? When I started training and seeing progress I couldn't stop. I love improving my body and surprising myself with doing things I didn't know I could. I wanted to challenge myself by getting in the best shape of my life and by stepping on that big stage… and by doing so there was no turning back for me.

What approach do you t1379958 596304887114251 1464675755 nake to dieting...carb cycle..keto?
I have tried many diets and right now I eat low carbs and more proteins and fats. Not quite keto but in that area.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about competing?
Some people think that this sport is super unhealthy and that competitors are not eating enough. If you do it the right way it is not unhealthy. Also people often think that it's all about girls showing off in bikinis. With me it's about setting a goal and working for it day after day, changing my body and my performance in a way that pleases me and hopefully the judges. Also it´s about the feeling I get when I´m on stage in front of all those people and I know that I did my very best. It's a feeling that I can´t describe.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about YOURSELF during your contest prep?
I can push my body harder than I ever thought possible and I´m much stronger mentally then I gave myself credit for. I now believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

Who do you look up to and admire and why?
I admire my parents. They don't let anything or anyone stop them from being who they are and doing what makes them happy.

Competition history:
2011 IFBB Icelandic championships junior bikini class 2nd place
201513711 709557475753866 712928220 n11 IFBB Icelandic cup junior bikini class 3rd place
2012 IFBB Arnold classic amateur bikini class E 3rd place
2012 IFBB Icelandic championships junior bikini class 2nd place
2012 IFBB Icelandic cup junior bikini class 1 st place
201 3 IFBB Icelandic cup bikini class E 2 nd place
2014 IFBB Arnold Classic amateur bikini class E 2 nd place

Next competition:
It will hopefully be the 2015 Arnold Classic in Ohio next February.

Favorite Motivational Quote:
“You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you work for.”1424553 540038936074180 604391243 n

Who would you like to thank?
I have many people behind my success. First of all I want to thank my personal trainer, Konrad Gislason the owner of Iceland Fitness, for always being there for me. Also I want to thank my mom for being there when I feel like giving up. I also want to thank my biggest sponsor Scitec Nutrition for supplying me with the best supplements on the market and for always supporting me when I compete. Last but not least I want to thank all the sponsors I have in Iceland, without them competing in bikini fitness would not be possible for me.


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