Hormone Manipulation for Cutting Up with Chris Aceto Part Six: Thyroid


Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping the right hormones in balance. That’s what this series is about – providing the steps you can take to keep the right hormonal profile to help drop fat while keeping the metabolic rate humming.

Part Six: Thyroid

Hormone and Its Actions: Thyroid. Supports calories burning and protein synthesis

What You Want To Do: Do. Keep it from crashing. All diets result in a decline in thyroid hormones.

Why You Want to Do This:  When thyroid levels fall, calorie burning falls as does protein synthesis- the rate at which the body takes amino acids from protein foods and deposits them into muscle tissue.

How You Do This: Abandon your diet once every 10-12 days. Prolonged dieting results in lower thyroid levels. Eating 3 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight a day – just one day out of every 10 days – can trick the body into believing the calorie restriction is over, thereby preventing severe falls in thyroid levels.

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Manipulating Hormones For Cutting Up is a multi part series of articles written by master guru Chris "The Technition" Aceto that we are featuring this week on RxMuscle.com 

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