Hormone Manipulation for Cutting Up with Chris Aceto Part Five: Estrogen


Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping the right hormones in balance. That’s what this series is about – providing the steps you can take to keep the right hormonal profile to help drop fat while keeping the metabolic rate humming.

Part Five: Estrogen

Hormone and Its Actions: Estrogen, the “female hormone,” surprise, also found in men. Makes fat loss more difficult.

What You Want To Do:  Keep testosterone levels elevated while minimizing estrogen.

Why You Want to Do This:  The testosterone to estrogen ratio in the body effects the way you look. Decreasing estrogen or increasing testosterone or a combo of both always leads to a harder body; less body fat and less water retention.

How You Do This: Crunchy vegetables, specifically a family of veggies called Cruciferous veggies. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are cruciferous types yielding compounds called indoles, which scientists speculate lower the total amount of estrogen in the body by decreasing the production of estrogen or by interfering with estrogen absorption and uptake by tissues. While keeping carbs low, it makes sense to make cruciferous veggies a basic foundation of your diet .

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Manipulating Hormones For Cutting Up is a multi part series of articles written by master guru Chris "The Technition" Aceto that we are featuring this week on RxMuscle.com 

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