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Are You Hardcore?

YouDWt24 hear it a lot in bodybuilding and fitness industry, "I'm hardcore.” So what makes someone hardcore? The answer will of course vary depending on who you talk to. Is it working out three hours a day? Maybe it’s doing two hours of fasted cardio a day. Or is it going no-carb, no-fat, and drastically cutting your calories? Is it giving up your entire social life, family, and any hobbies? Maybe it’s spending every last dollar you have on supplements and competing. Is it the combination of all the above things? I mean that all sounds "hardcore," right?


The POWER of “2”

Whether2013-04-05 22.04.45 you are training hard as a bodybuilder or physique competitor, our sport is largely an individual sport where one is often left to figure it all out on their own and, compared to other pursuits, a greater number of things can, and will go wrong along the path to success.

For example, the pre-competition phase demands a number of critical steps to be followed before one steps onstage: diet, training, supplementation, posing and mindset all need to be worked on and perfected before competitive success can be realized...


Find Your Why!

ItIt's Not Enough... happens to all of us, no matter who we are; the feeling as if we are going through the motions. Those times when we’re not quite sure why we are doing what we are doing, and instead of acknowledging just how far we have come, we dwell on how far we have to go. During these times one of the most important things we can do is to find our Why!

Our Why is one of the most important things that we all have. It is the deep-seeded reason for what we do in our lives and what keeps us going when things get tough! However if we do not have a strong enough Why, we will lack the motivation to keep us moving forward. Our Why must be something that we are highly attached to and willing to protect at all costs!


Differences and Resulting Drama in The Fitness Industry

The Derek Chaincyclical nature of things is very real and no different within the fitness community. One thing that seems to come to the forefront every so often is drama, but it certainly doesn’t have to! It seems anytime there is a mass of people doing one thing that spreads rather fast, many are waiting to combat it without even really looking into it. We must remember that there really aren’t a lot of absolutely brand new things being done; they just may have not been done in great numbers previously or in a while. We must also remember that for something to catch momentum there really must be something to it and that is where we should focus our efforts!


That Ever Elusive Pro Card

TherePro Card have been many occasions in which I have heard a freshly nationally ranked NPC competitor declare that he or she will hit the national stage and easily snap up an IFBB Pro Card.  While I applaud the competitor’s enthusiasm and drive, I cannot help but snicker to myself when I hear such a statement.  Honestly, if it were that easy to earn a Pro Card, there would be Pros populating the country in droves.  Alas, there are only a finite number of Pro Cards given out each year, and the competition for them is fierce.


Interested in Men’s Physique Division competition?

I’vephoto (5) been involved in athletics and competition ever since high school, so I wanted to continue that athletic mindset after I graduated from college.  I ran track in high school and in collegiate competitions, but there was no way I'd ever be fast enough to line up against Usain Bolt! Fortunately, I graduated into being a full-time gym-rat and personal trainer.  And after being surrounded by various Men’s Physique Division competitors and bodybuilders it was only a matter of time before I made the choice to compete.

Be aware, if you're seriously intrigued with the idea of competing in Men’s Physique then you should give it serious consideration.  Personal relationships can suffer.  Your friends might not understand why you can't join them for pizza and beer.  Unless your significant other is vested in the fitness lifestyle as well, you could very well come to blows when carbs are cut and cardio is high...


Learn to Live YOUR Lifestyle!

OneIMG 5938 common occurrence that seems to accompany the competitive lifestyle is the yo-yo effect, or that of experiencing extreme highs followed by extreme lows! Anyone who has been around this realm for even a small amount of time witnesses this and honestly, it does not have to be this way!

Extreme swings not only hurt your physical gains, but also your mental outlook, health, career, relationships, etc. So why do these extreme swings occur?


Breaking Mental Inertia to Achieve New Success!

Aresuccess-begins-with-your-mindset you Ready to achieve a New Level of Success? – “Breaking the Mental Inertia”

What do Olympic athletes and other pro athletes know or do that normal athletes don't? They know as much or perhaps a bit more than most athletes with regards to training regimen, nutrition, and mechanics; however, they behave much differently. They do what they know, and master each aspect of training. The aspect that Olympic and other pro athletes master is their mindset. 

Are you ready to achieve a new level of success in some aspect of your life?


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