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2010 IFBB Europa Super Show Men's 202 Preview!

Editors Note (Big Sean Andros): Week after week you've gotten to read my predictions and previews for the ladies side of the sport and occasionally I throw some insight into the men (if you can call it insight).  This week's Europa Super Show in Dallas is shaping up the be the premier event of the summer and Rx Muscle will be providing the most in-depth coverage of any media outlet out there (CHECK BACK TO RX MUSCLE ALL WEEKEND FOR UP-TO-THE SECOND RESULTS, PLAY BY PLAY, PHOTOS, AND VIDEOS).  To get things started on the right foot, I was able to twist the arm of the one and only Dave Palumbo to offer his pre-show commentary on some of the key athletes competing in the Mens Under-202.    Getting Big Dave to sit down and write is no small task....he spends about 23.5 hours per day making this website tick.  So enjoy and get ready for the action starting at 2pm central time on Friday August 13th.



Guy Cisternino: Something went wrong at Guy's 202 Pro-debut in Hartford; he looked pretty shredded in some photos I saw two days prior to the show and then something turned his physique for the worse.  According to Guy, it was 3 liters of water he was advised to drink the morning of the event.  If Guy can bring back that grainy, dry, conditioning he used to win the middleweight class at the 2008 NPC Nationals, he can certainly contend for a top-3 placing.


Clarence DeVis: Clarence is every much the Kai Greene doppelganger that he appears to be.  He has an incredibly freaky structure, his posing is outlandish, he packs oodles of muscle on his small-jointed frame and he marches to his own music. If DeVis can bring in the now-famous Kai conditioning, he can win this class for sure!




Seth Feroce Jaroslav Horvath Tricky Jackson

Seth Feroce: 2009 NPC Nationals LHW champ makes his much anticipated pro-debut here in Dallas.  Kevin English called him the best of the 202 challengers (along with Jose Raymond), which is quite a compliment for someone who's never stepped onto a pro stage.  Feroce was so good at the Nationals (only his 2nd bodybuilding competition) that he even made mincemeat out of veteran competitor Al Auguste (who recently won his Pro Card at the 2010 NPC USA).


Dave Goodin: The Texas Shredder will be throwing his hat into the pro 202 ring after winning his IFBB Pro Card in the 50+ class at last year's IFBB North American Masters Championships.  Look for Goodin to bring a sliced and diced body ready to do battle!

Jaroslav Horvath: Horvath thoroughly impressed the Jacksonville, FL crowd last week when he snagged 2nd place in the Pro 202 Competition (behind David Henry) in his comeback competition after severely damaging the ligaments in one of his knees.  From the look of Horvath, the rest did him good because he was bigger and harder than I've ever seen him.  Look for Horvath to push pre-contest favorite Seth Feroce right to the wire.


Tricky Jackson: Tricky finished 3rd in Tampa and is now qualified for the 202 Olympia, but he's looking to

defend the title he won here last year.  A win and another Best Poser Award would certainly give him all the momentum he could possibly need going into the 202 Olympia at the end of September!


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