Milos Sarcev Arrested For Felony Robbery!

Milos Sarcev _06I've just received news from an informant who wishes to remain anonymous... Believe me, this tip is a doozy!  Apparently, late last night Milos Sarcev was arrested for felony robbery. I have no other details at the moment but I'm awaiting a copy of the police report.

My source was able to provide a local news link to confirm the story (http://www.localcrimenews.com/lookup.php?jid=5098257).

More details and the rest of this  week's news in Muscle Gossip with the Yuckmouth Yenta later this evening!


Sarcev, Milos - (M/W) Age: 46
14245 Cherry Ct
Chino , CA 91710-8238 Verified Address

Reported: 07/08/2010 by Crime Reporter No. 7224
Source: Fullerton PD

F PC211 Robbery

Bail Amount:
Residing in Crime Beat Zone:
Inland Empire Spanish